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Coffee break

kmb_coffee_adWe wanted to showcase fantastic products, ideas and writing from within our www.kiwimummyblogs.co.nz community and beyond. This is a page for us to showcase ALL SORTS OF things. So put the kettle on, find a comfy seat and pour yourself a deserving cuppa and enjoy a coffee break.



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Flying with Kids Tips

Today we share with you 5 Ways to Fly with Kids Without the Hassle. From sleeping, feeding and distracting them we have it covered.


What the heck is dermarollering anyway?

So we have been learning all about Dermarollering. To be honest, until recently we had absolutely no idea what it was. Here is the low down on what it is and how it works.


Pontus | Online Toy Store

So I have just come across this very cool online toy store selling kids toys. You may have seen it already http://pontus.co.nz. Here is what I found out about this new online  kids toys store.

Read all about over Pontus at latest post…


Micro Scooters Family Fun

Micro Scooters Family Fun

You’re probably aware of all the qualities and benefits of a scooter already…the fun, safe and educational aspects. But there’s still this belief that scooters are simply kids’ toys, when in reality scooters are so much more. They’re versatile products the whole family will love. Read more here.


Munch Lunchbox Cookbook

Thinking up ideas for school lunches everyday is tough – but you will never run out of inspiration with Munch Lunchbox. Get your copy today over at www.munchcupboard.com

Written by the Munch team – Anna Bordignon and Michelle Kitney

2014-05-17 17.45.11

Runaway with me to Villa 3293

I have been dreaming about a getaway. Somewhere warm, practical for our family, but still lush, exotic and fun. Somewhere that is a true escape from real life. Let me share with you My dream escape to Villa 3293 in Bali. You know you want to Live the #TheGetawayLife.

Top tips for travelling with kids

My top tips for travelling with children

Having recently travelled from NZ to Europe with not one, but two four year olds and an eight year old, I know there are a lot of things that you can do in the planning stages of your holiday that can make your journey more enjoyable. We planed, trained and automobile our way around and had at total blast. In this post I share my top tips for travelling with children.

Free digital photos

Pinnacle Life instant online life insurance – sponsored

Pinnacle Life is a New Zealand specialist in life insurance based in Auckland that offers you the ability to get almost instant approval for life insurance.

Read more about Pinnacle Life instant online insurance.

Cooked pizza 300 x 300

Quick dinner fixes – sponsored post

The new We Are What We Eat campaign is a great reminder though that making meals at home and eating together can be some of the simplest pleasures in life. Sometimes we just need a bit of inspiration. We Are What We Eat’s mission is to offer you a good old helping of that……. read more here.


Sponsored post – Getting experimental in the kitchen

Who knew that food could be flourescent? Cooking is an experimental process which is often guided by trial and error. A good cook needs to be able to make predictions, make and record observations, and then draw conclusions … just like any good scientist. Read more about what they do here.

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