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    As you know this site was established in 2007, being the first blog aggregation site in NZ and we want to continue growing it for our readers, bloggers and our brands.

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Coffee break

kmb_coffee_adWe wanted to showcase fantastic products, ideas and writing from within our www.kiwimummyblogs.co.nz community and beyond. This is a page for us to showcase ALL SORTS OF things. So put the kettle on, find a comfy seat and pour yourself a deserving cuppa and enjoy a coffee break.



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Introducing Toy Hire Auckland

Introducing Toy Hire Auckland… Do you want to solve your next kids party problems with one easy solution? Why not tap into the great solutions offered by Toy Hire Auckland? Read more about what they do here.


Singing in the Rain New Zealand

You simply must get along to Singing in the Rain while it is in New Zealand. Anna and I attended the opening night in Wellington and had a superb night. It runs till 26 April in Wellington. From Friday 1 May it will be showing at the Civic in Auckland.

It was soo much fun and I loved how upbeat the whole show was. I loved the dancing; there was heaps of tap and some fantastic singing.

We most definitely recommend it. Read more here.




Smallfish – ecommerce

Do you want to sell on line?

There are so many platforms around from Itsy, Felt, Amazon or you may want to sell through your own store such as Shopify, Woopress, OS Commerce to name a few.

Have you heard of the kiwi owned company called Smallfish.  Well they are just down the road from me and they do a great easy, affordable option for selling products.

The best thing about them is that the support is New Zealand based.  So no waiting on time differences to get help.

Read more here

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Join Pic’s Peanut Butter Cook & Craft Challenge

Wow we have been going a bit nutty for peanut butter recently – especially Pic’s Really Good Peanut Butter. We have been eating it, reviewing it, and giving it away. Now we have something just a little bit different for you. The Pic’s Peanut Butter  Cook & Craft Challenge linky.

Join in here: Pic’s Peanut Butter Cook & Craft Challenge!

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Why Looking Younger Goes More Than Skin Deep (Sponsored)

Brought to you by Neutrogena

What does looking younger mean to you? Does it make you feel more confident, do you gain energy when you look more youthful, or are you even inspired to be more active?

Read more here.

Mighty Ape ad

Earn Money From Your Blog with the Mighty Ape Referral Program

Do you take pride in producing high-quality content? Have you ever thought about trying to use your blog to earn some extra money? Affiliate marketing hasn’t quite taken off in New Zealand as it has in other countries but for those of you new to affiliate marketing, here’s a quick summary: as a publisher of content (i.e. a blogger), you can get paid for referring traffic from your website to advertiser websites when that traffic purchases something. This can be a great way of monetising your traffic without clogging up your site with banner ads.  Read more here



EDC for dummies

I’ve been asked to write an article about endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) which really goes against the old adage ‘write what you know’. You see, I knew almost nothing about EDCs until I sat down with information from Ecostore and decoded the acronyms and all the big words and discovered that these hard-to-pronounce scientific terms could be affecting my family every day.  Read more here



Are antibacterial handwashes best? – Life Blooming

If you spend any time watching tv you’ll have noticed a certain type of ad. They’re the ones that have adorable children, a loving mum and action that wouldn’t be out of place in a horror film.

Fingers splayed across our eyes we watch in horror at the sight of those beautiful wee babes getting closer and closer to an unseen and innumerable terror – oozing, writhing, sickness causing germs.  Read more here….

Sponsored Telecom final

Sponsored – Mum’s become a giganaire?

Read more here.

The road

The Road – Made for this life

Do you ever worry about the road your kids will walk? What will it look like? What will they face?

I admit I used to be quite like this (and sometimes still am!) But one day I clicked that this worrying was pointless. Not only could I never foresee what they would face, trying to fix their problems would only turn me into one of those crazy helicopter parents Read more here…

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