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    As you know this site was established in 2007, being the first blog aggregation site in NZ and we want to continue growing it for our readers, bloggers and our brands.

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How to

We thought we would rename our Tips page to How to?  As we get so many questions on how to do this, that and anything really that relates to blogging, parenting and all things kiwi mummy style.

So we will updating this page over time as a nice little reference point for our bloggers and our readers.



How to avoid the top 10 grammar mistakes

These days, we tend to communicate via the keyboard as much as we do verbally. Often, we’re in a hurry, quickly dashing off e-mails with typos, publishing blogs in a minute or two…Read more here

Freeimages screen shot

How to find free images for your blog?

So have you ever been tempted to use someone elses image for your post?  Or are you just totally jealous of another bloggers ability to create great images  (I am secretly jealous of My Darling Lemon Thyme and her amazing photography).

Well this ‘how to’ is not about taking a great image (but maybe a post we should do shortly) but rather how to access free images for your posts without breaching that thing called copyright. Read more here….

wordpress iamge

How to move your blog over to WordPress and why?

I think the second question needs to be answered first.  So why move from Blogger?  It seems that WordPress has many more plug ins to choose from.  Someone told me there are over 450 different plug ins.  Read more here…

Blogging 1

How to start Blogging 101

So you’ve had a look around on KMB and want to be a blogger? Or you’ve started a blog but aren’t quite sure what to do next? Angela Noelle from Striking Keys kindly shares with us 7 steps to get started. Read more here…

cloud style labels

How to label your blog posts and why?

“Labels” as they are called in blogger, are more important than you may realise.  Choosing and using labels well helps you categorise your posts, making it easier for readers to find posts on a topic they are looking for, and for you to find old posts also.  Read more…