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Have kids, they said. It'll be fun, they said.

Have kids, they said. It'll be fun, they said. 8 hours ago

Kids, Social Media and Privacy - In today’s day and age, social media is a massive part of our lives, with the potential to be a massively intrusive part of our lives. Anyone who follows this blog will know, I guard my children and their privacy... Continue reading →

growmama 9 hours ago

end of an extracurricular era - I have been a contributor to Extracurricular magazine for years. The latest issue has just landed. It's always a joy to sit down with a cup of tea and see it all in print.I will miss it. Yes, because despite... Continue reading →
The Best Nest

The Best Nest 9 hours ago

Surviving Blogging in NZ – May the odds be ever in your favour - A couple of things happened online this week here in the New Zealand ‘blogger/influencer’ scene that really got me thinking about what it means to be ‘working’ in this online industry that is built upon…..um……nothing really.  Nothing but a bit of... Continue reading →

Lulastic and the Hippyshake 9 hours ago

An off grid Christmas in a yurt in New Zealand - I’m sitting on the sofa with a redbush tea and a bar of chocolate, feeling completely shattered, creaky boned… The post An off grid Christmas in a yurt in New Zealand appeared first on Lulastic and the Hippyshake.
tiny happy

tiny happy 9 hours ago

freshly popped - I drew a winner for the Extra Curricular giveaway - and that person was Cécile - hooray! I'll be in touch with you soon, C. Thanks everyone for entering. We have some brand new poppies in our garden. They've been... Continue reading →
Great Fun etc

Great Fun etc 10 hours ago

Construct a GingerBread House (and make some memories) - Right now you might be finding yourself in the thick of Christmas madness and this may at first appear to be another story to add to the pressure of all the things you could be/should be doing to make the... Continue reading →
Beautiful Crazy Faith

Beautiful Crazy Faith 10 hours ago

Documenting December Day 7 – Unexpected Gift - Not the greatest days I have ever had... but you get that.  I did however get a lovely surprise phone call from the manager of the local supermarket saying I had been nominated for a gift card and they chose... Continue reading →

MumptyStyle 11 hours ago

Christmas at Louis Vuitton … - Christmas at Louis Vuitton … OK … so if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know I LOVE Louis Vuitton.  And if you are new to my blog – hi!!!!  By the way – I LOVE Louis... Continue reading →
The Migrating Swans-Feedburner

The Migrating Swans-Feedburner 14 hours ago

Throwback: London Trip – October 2014 - In October 2014, I went to visit my sister and her family who live in London. It had been too long since I'd last seen them and I was missing them so much! On my first morning there, Leigh took... Continue reading →
Kiwi Cakes

Kiwi Cakes 15 hours ago

Friendly reindeer Christmas fondant icing tutorial - Continuing on with our cool fondant cookie tutorials, brought to you by the lovely Lisa from the Whole Cake and Caboodle here in Whangarei. Today's tutorial is the friendly reindeerRoll stiffened fondant with tylo or gumpaste  out to a depth of... Continue reading →
Mia Bella Passions

Mia Bella Passions 17 hours ago

Painted Carafe & Christmas Berries… - Carafe vases are a nice shape and perfect for arrangements of Christmas lillies and berries.My clear glass carafe vase needed a bit of oomph for Christmas,so out came the white paint.All I did was pour a little paint inside and slowly... Continue reading →

mamabearpaleo 19 hours ago

SALTED CARAMEL & CHOCOLATE SLICE - I will warn you now, this is addictive. I’ve got into the habit of making it every week, dangerous stuff!  Good thing is it’s quick and easy.  It’s one of those gloriously low maintenance recipes that require no more effort... Continue reading →
sweet william

sweet william 20 hours ago

Christmas Sale! - We love Christmas time and here is our Christmas gift to you! 30% Off storewide. Simply enter the code MERRY at checkout. This is for one week only, final orders for Christmas post have to be in by 14th of... Continue reading →
AMummysLife NZ

AMummysLife NZ 22 hours ago

Top November Posts - My top November blog posts plus my weekly vlogs and mummy channel vlogs for November.
Striking Keys

Striking Keys 1 day ago

Oi Dog! - Oi Dog!  Kes & Clair GrayThe sequel to Oi Frog! is a perfect extension of the first funny-book.  A new character takes the reins and provides more ridiculous rhymes in the same vein as the first (of which we are... Continue reading →