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growmama 3 hours ago

a little blip - My goodness. Excuse my the little blip in my blogging. My attention is wandering this week! It's the little guy's birthday week. (Yup, we milk it around here!) He loves to throw a party this one. Plans have been cogitating... Continue reading →
Blue Skies & Lollipops

Blue Skies & Lollipops 4 hours ago

The magic of beginnings -
Comments for Sacraparental

Comments for Sacraparental 4 hours ago

Comment on The Sacrament of Housework #5: My 6 Best Housekeeping Tips (and lots more of yours, please) by jodywoedy - Ok, first and foremost: why would the house smelling like chips be a problem?! I so agree about keeping cleaning stuff where you use it, and knowing how long a task takes (loo and basin clean = 6 mins). Since... Continue reading →
A little bit country

A little bit country 5 hours ago

The garden share collective – July -     July is flying by and this is my very overdue July Garden post.  I've been harvesting in the garden but have yet to replant.  I have weeds that need pulling and soil that wants turning.  I didn't use any of my... Continue reading →


I Love (Fear) Spin Class… - My personal trainer (from here on in I shall dub 'T' - like Mr T, a hero of sorts) told me I should do it.  You'll love it! It's on bikes and it's SO cool!Sigh. T lies. Well, maybe not... Continue reading →


Larry-boy off to Kindy - He's 2 years and seven months old, and very seriously asked to go to kindy when boys at school.  I wasn't going to do this, but he's keen as. So we enrolled him, and last night while he's sitting with... Continue reading →
The Best Nest

The Best Nest 8 hours ago

Juicing 101 | Doing it on a budget - There are certain things in life that I like to embrace early; fashion, home style, technology, apps, digital media……. but diving into the latest diet and nutrition phase as an early adopter is not something I’m into. I’m not a... Continue reading →

// A YEARS' WORTH // 8 hours ago

Baby Mama – Sarah - Ahhh more photos. Today I got to take some photos of the lovely Sarah. I can’t believe how photogenic this little lady is. I seriously could have picked every single photo to have in the final cut!!! Can’t wait to... Continue reading →
Big Little

Big Little 9 hours ago

Becoming a Pattern Tester - You might have noticed that I have taken a wee break from taking custom orders for a while and one of the reasons is to spend some time focusing on the pattern side of Big Little.  In the coming months... Continue reading →
Wendy's quilts and more

Wendy's quilts and more 10 hours ago

Capital Quilters 2014 Exhibition - A couple of weeks ago I went to the Capital Quilter exhibition and saw a wonderful range of beautiful quilts. The Capital Quilters is made up of all different types of quilters from Wellington, New Zealand. I didn't have any... Continue reading →
Day By Day Fit Fashion by Denise Olguins

Day By Day Fit Fashion by Denise Olguins 11 hours ago

Casual Black & Gray - Oi meninas, Este look eh super casual. Alias, confesso que depois, so troquei a calca e a bota e fui pra academia treinar pois ja estava atrasada. Legging, bota Over the Knee , camiseta bacana e pronto. Fui fazer as... Continue reading →
Tiny Tots Cuisine

Tiny Tots Cuisine 11 hours ago

Chocolate cake with Nutella Icing - Today is Potluck Lunch day at work. A group of people in the team cook and bring a dish to share with the whole team. Everyone takes turns, so those that cooked this round need not cook in the next... Continue reading →
The Crafty Croall

The Crafty Croall 11 hours ago

Super heroes Quilt - I made the top for this a while back, now that I have a new baby nephew it was time to finish it off. They are coming down this weekend so that was perfect motivation to get it done. Thankfully I... Continue reading →
New Zealand It Is Then!

New Zealand It Is Then! 11 hours ago

Grateful - Thank you, weather - a few warm, windy days. With the windows open the house is drying out nicely.Thank you, dear daughter. Last night you slept all night long, quietly, from ten to seven. Ten to seven! It meant that... Continue reading →
A place to be

A place to be 12 hours ago

FOR MY CHILDREN - The other night while Nat was having one of her meltdowns (for lack of a better word) I REALLY felt the need to reassure her of my love. I KNOW she knows how much I love her, I’m pretty sure... Continue reading →