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Hazelnuts 59 mins ago

Crocheting hangers - I've been wanting to make crocheted hangers for quite awhile now but we only have two of the really basic wood hangers in the house because, really, they're totally crap on their own! I had a look around Spotlight the... Continue reading →
Mermaid's Purse

Mermaid's Purse 5 hours ago

Vintage pledge 2015…projects and plans - I loved the Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge from last year, it was started by Marie from A Stitching Odyssey, and it is all on again...
Everyday Game Plan

Everyday Game Plan 6 hours ago

Play Hangaroo! - You should stop walking from one angle on the house to another, without smile and without an idea how to change that. If you are reading this i must encourage you that you have find the right place because we... Continue reading →

Hey Helsinki 10 hours ago

How to walk on ice without dying - It’s not actually that cold here in Helsinki. With the temperature yo-yoing around zero degrees however we have snow that melts and then refreezes – leaving a layer of ice over everything. Around 20,000 people a month in Finland sustain injuries... Continue reading →
Sophie Slim

Sophie Slim 11 hours ago

The Best Christmas Lights In Christchurch - It is SO much fun to rug the kids up on a summers nights and take them to see the Christmas Lights around Christchurch. No matter what age your kids are, I guarantee they will be in awe. Especially for... Continue reading →

growmama 11 hours ago

the waterhole - There are some folks who camp near this waterhole every year. They dig out the steps, build the dam to deepen the water hole for swimming. It's basically their bathroom for the 20 days they're here. They do a fine... Continue reading →
Simply Earnest

Simply Earnest 11 hours ago

BAKING SODA & CORNSTARCH HEART COASTERS - I've been dying to make something with baking soda & cornstarch clay since well before Christmas. For some reason I just didn't get a chance. So I thought I would use Valentines Day as an excuse to test out baking... Continue reading →
A little bit country

A little bit country 12 hours ago

And off we go……..this week -      Our Summer Holidays have come to an end this week, that blissful bubble has burst!  George has been at kindy for a couple of weeks now, but Bell and Tom started back at school during the week.  Both were excited to... Continue reading →
All in the Daze

All in the Daze 12 hours ago

Around here – Getting back into routine & other stuff - This post contains sponsored links.  I don’t know about you, but after the holidays are officially over I have to re-adjust my daily schedule. The holidays are for spending time with my family, creating memories, and setting goals for myself,... Continue reading →
Blue Skies & Lollipops

Blue Skies & Lollipops 12 hours ago

Juggling Monkeys & Herding Kittens - Herding Kittens, juggling monkeys – yes that pretty much sums up parenthood, in the early years at least. Haven’t reached the teens or tweens years yet! Herding kittens I think sometimes might even be easier. As it is, gone are the... Continue reading →
Sweet Painted Lady

Sweet Painted Lady 13 hours ago

In Our Neighbourhood : Grey Gardens Cafe - Nestled down a driveway off Grey Street its easy to see why Grey Gardens Cafe could easily be missed by the local wanderer. In fact if I hadn’t of glanced down at the right moment I would off missed their lovely... Continue reading →
Teacher by trade - Mother by nature

Teacher by trade - Mother by nature 13 hours ago

Recipe: Banana Choc Chip Muffins* - Feel like baking this weekend? How about trying one of Miss B's favourite recipes. These Banana Choc Chip Muffins are easy to make and oh-so delicious! A perfect option for a morning tea snack or to pop in their school... Continue reading →
the golden adventures of...

the golden adventures of... 14 hours ago

Just Now - Watching: BroadchurchEating: early grapesFeeling: pretty tired after a week back at workEnjoying: the coolness of early eveningSearching: for fun literacy resources for Yr 1 & 2's.  Got tips?  Hit me!Listening to: The Foofighters.  Don't hate meWishing: the flies would just... Continue reading →
my walk with food and beautiful plants and flowers

my walk with food and beautiful plants and flowers 15 hours ago

Sunflowers Flower - I grew a big patch of sunflowers and I was very proud. But I as disappointed I didn't grow a big flower. In Singapore, I grew some. My friend B commented that she didn't have go to Japan to see... Continue reading →
Bliss & Baby Brain

Bliss & Baby Brain 16 hours ago

Iggy Azalea & the Hip Hop Genre - The issue of cultural appropriation (the adoption of elements from another culture, usually a minority / oppressed culture) is one that seems to be popping up now and again in the media. There have been some fairly obvious examples recently,... Continue reading →