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Latest Blog Posts

Women Abiding

Women Abiding 3 hours ago

The Decision That Will Change Everything - We all go through so many different kinds of circumstances in our lives – wedding, childbirth, sickness, job changes, church issues, death of loved ones, and a thousand other varieties of joys and trials. Well, my family and I are... Continue reading →
AMummysLife NZ

AMummysLife NZ 7 hours ago

Two Hair Cuts In One Day - Picture this. Eugene & I are sitting in the kitchen area after our gym workout this morning when my phone beeps. It’s an email from Celine, my 9 year old daughter. “Hay mum Blake just cut Dani’s hair so Dani... Continue reading →

growmama 8 hours ago

Heroic Garden Festival - It's that time of the year again! If visiting other people's gardens is your idea of a good time, take a friend along to the Heroic Garden Festival. You'll have access to 22 fabulous gardens all over Auckland on the 18-19th... Continue reading →
Made with my two hands

Made with my two hands 13 hours ago

What the Elves made at Christmas - In mid December I posted about how hard the elves and I were working on a present for Aaron. I could only reveal the making - but now that Christmas is over and presents are received. Ta Da... here it... Continue reading →
Chocolate Goose

Chocolate Goose 14 hours ago

My Top-10 pre-holiday checklist - I was lucky to be able to take a two-week holiday over Christmas and New Year this year; between ending one job and beginning the new one but it was just the right length of time to be able to enjoy being together as... Continue reading →
Twins & More: Latest News

Twins & More: Latest News 16 hours ago

Can You Breastfeed Premature Twins? - Let’s be honest, breastfeeding multiples isn’t always easy and this is especially true when they’re born very early. It can be quite a journey and breastfeeding doesn’t work out for every mum.Many mums-to-be imagine themselves tandem breastfeeding their newborns right... Continue reading →
RA Girl

RA Girl 23 hours ago

All That Remains–Al Barrera -   All That Remains–Al Barrera The old world is dead, and humanity struggles to survive in the shadows of the new one. Kyle, Sara, and Tim are scavengers, hiding in the remains of human civilization from the hungry things that... Continue reading →
Fun With Allergy Kids

Fun With Allergy Kids 24 hours ago

Egg, dairy, gluten and nut free peppermint thins - Egg, dairy, gluten and nut free peppermint thins We usually make these Egg, dairy, gluten and nut free peppermint thins as part of our Christmas presents to teachers as I think they are a really lovely gift….you really wouldn’t know... Continue reading →
Beautiful Crazy Faith

Beautiful Crazy Faith 1 day ago

New Normal – Town Living - I am pretty sure that I have like a billion and one (ok that maybe a little exaggerated) blog topics circling around in my head...and I wonder why I don't sleep very much yet I am tired.  I said to... Continue reading →

1 day ago

Sometimes it’s fun to do things as a Family – The Winery Tour 2017 GIVEAWAY - I have openly admitted on the internet that I sometimes hide from my children and today I openly confess to you, people of the internet that sometimes it’s fun to do things as a Family. SHOCK HORROR. When we do... Continue reading →
Thus and Therefore

Thus and Therefore 1 day ago

How does a Thinker teach a Doer? - I can parse linguistic etymologies, but apparently I can’t teach the alphabet. It’s a tough reality for me to face. I don’t know how to enable information to reach my 3-year-old, Daniel. He doesn’t think how I think. How can... Continue reading →
One Passion One Devotion

One Passion One Devotion 1 day ago

Courage 2 / Stir Your Heart - God has given us The Bible for a reason.  This is the living breathing alive active powerful Word of God that reveals who God is and what God does and what God likes and what God is doing.  Not just... Continue reading →


10 Things You Should expect after having a C-Section - After a painful C-section my son came to the world on 10th January 2017. I remember distinctly the sounds of his voice when the obstetrician bring him to birth. As the nurse handed my son to the midwife I remember... Continue reading →
Crazy K.A.L.M

Crazy K.A.L.M 1 day ago

Sweet – Lisa Hahn - I have to admit that you could probably put my knowledge about ballet on a postage stamp and still leave room for a margin, so I wasn't sure how I would get on with a romance set in the ballet... Continue reading →
The Migrating Swans-Feedburner

The Migrating Swans-Feedburner 1 day ago

Mount Maunganui: December 2016 - I just love a local Summer holiday! There's always something so exciting about hooking up the jet ski and packing the car full of bicycles, beach gear, towels, flippers, goggles, snacks and Summer music playlists - and setting off for... Continue reading →