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Just Ordinary Us

Just Ordinary Us 7 hours ago

The birth of Annabelle Sarah Louise - Well, it has never taken me this long to write one of the kid's birth stories before! I started writing it a few months ago, but just decided tonight to sit down and get it all out. At least I've... Continue reading →
Amaorican | Waiting for Forever

Amaorican | Waiting for Forever 7 hours ago

Teeth, baby, Oz. - Her first tooth falling out is imminent. There are two others that are close behind. She's knows the tooth fairy isn't real and I told her Papa Greg was going to give her two bucks per tooth. Don't judge, but... Continue reading →
Beautiful Crazy Faith

Beautiful Crazy Faith 7 hours ago

Musings of May Day 4 – Cake No. 55 - A word of warning to you all....if you start a tradition make sure you are willing to carry it on for a long long time. Surferson turns 15 tomorrow and this is his choice for a birthday cake. You will know... Continue reading →
Abbie's Babble

Abbie's Babble 8 hours ago

Girl in chaos - This is my girl through and through. She lives in her own frenetically paced bubble. Yesterday when she jumped out of the car I just had to snap this pic – it’s so her. In the seven minute drive from... Continue reading →
Fit Mum Healthy Mum

Fit Mum Healthy Mum 8 hours ago

Breakfast muffins - Easy breakfast muffins
Craving Fresh

Craving Fresh 9 hours ago

Our new outdoor dining suite, AKA Fairy Headquarters - A strange thing happened yesterday. An arborist knocked on our door and asked if I wanted the dying tree in our backyard cut down. He had a team there ready to go. This is something I had already approached an... Continue reading →
The Best Nest

The Best Nest 9 hours ago

The Toddler Trimester - The 4th trimester is becoming a more common talking point and something that new mums are increasingly being made aware of.  Newborns and their mothers do not pop out of the birthing suite ready for lattes, playgroups and power walks... Continue reading →
Chocolate Goose

Chocolate Goose 9 hours ago

Chocolate Beetroot Cake for Mother’s Day - With Mother’s Day on Sunday, I wanted to share something that is easy to make, yet close to every Mother’s heart – getting veggies into our kids. And with this cake, they’ll be gobbling them up. How many kids like... Continue reading →
If Only They Told Me - Parenting and relationship blog and tips.

If Only They Told Me - Parenting and relationship blog and tips. 11 hours ago

Milking Mothers Day - Mothers generally are over-run, frantic and spend most of their days giving to everyone else around them and doing very little for themselves. Something happens when you become a mum. You may have been self-centred before but as a mum,... Continue reading →
Modern Mothercraft

Modern Mothercraft 15 hours ago

Actual real housewives – what my show would look like - I read on the news earlier that a new show, the Real Housewives of Auckland, is going to be on TV soon. Looking at the picture of the women and reading their bios, they don't seem like anyone I've actually... Continue reading →
Have kids, they said. It'll be fun, they said.

Have kids, they said. It'll be fun, they said. 16 hours ago

Temporary Tattoos – Not So Much - This weekend, Princess acquired a considerable amount of temporary tattoos. As in, heaps. A lot. And, she announced to me she wanted to be a Tattoo Queen. Now, I don’t have any tattoos. I’m not against them, I just don’t have... Continue reading →
Tall, Short, Tiny & a Pickle

Tall, Short, Tiny & a Pickle 17 hours ago

Book Review: Everyone Brave is Forgiven - Everyone Brave is Forgiven – Chris Cleave Published by Hachette NZ When war is declared, Mary north leaves finishing school unfinished, goes straight to the War Office, and signs up. Tom Shaw decides to give it a miss – until... Continue reading →

Sweetashoney 18 hours ago

Oopsie bread recipe |Low Carb Avocado Burger Buns - Finally an oopsie bread recipe that don’t use cheese or dairy! Avocado oopsie bread recipe : a cheese free low carb bread You know how much I love low carb recipes but I also love to eat less dairy. I... Continue reading →
Travelling with Ana

Travelling with Ana 18 hours ago

It’s a nice evening for a ride -
One Passion One Devotion

One Passion One Devotion 18 hours ago

Worship Wednesday – Filled With You - I love spontaneous worship – the overflow of worship in a moment, in a service, in a heart. We worship you Jesus. Worship is a powerful way to re-calibrate and refuel our heart.   In the storm, it brings peace.... Continue reading →