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Latest Blog Posts

Christchurch Mums

Christchurch Mums 4 hours ago

Christchurch Kids // 31 October – 9 November - Sign up and have these additional events come straight to your inbox! **It’s always best to check online or by phone to confirm these activities.   The week ahead…   Light Party 31st October // 5:30pm  // St Albans Baptist Church A... Continue reading →

Mymumdom 5 hours ago

How Do You Do Halloween? - Tomorrow is Halloween. If you did not know this, then you must either be child-free or live in the middle of nowhere. Whether or not you celebrate Halloween may depend on the ages of your children, the neighborhood you live in,... Continue reading →
The Tartankiwi

The Tartankiwi 5 hours ago

Editing Elephants- A Pattern Release - Some patterns take longer to release than others.The concept for this block sprung into my mind one day. I could see it really really clearly. The design was complete and the basic design has stayed the same since day one. There were... Continue reading →
My Lucky Stars

My Lucky Stars 6 hours ago

Halloween disasters - Happy Halloween everyone! Here’s a funny clip from Jimmy Fallon, when he was hosting Late Night – an oldie but a goodie.
mummy do it

mummy do it 8 hours ago

How to keep the duvet in place -   Do you have a battle keeping your duvet in the cover? Does it end up in a heap at the bottom of the duvet cover? Mine did. I would get into bed and pull up the covers and find... Continue reading →
Creative Mama

Creative Mama 9 hours ago

I want new cushion covers - I was on the hunt for cushion covers for our couch (currently very brown).Found a few on etsy and after a little bit of time searching and capturing a few screen shots It was easy to come to a colour... Continue reading →
Gardening in Amberley

Gardening in Amberley 9 hours ago

The Perils of Farming – the story of our "Black Bag" Ewe - The first ewe to produce a lamb had a ewe-lamb about 6 days before any of the others.  We called her one lamb "Fluffy".At injection time and drenching we noticed that one of her udders was all blood-blistery under the... Continue reading →
with love, BJHW+TvH

with love, BJHW+TvH 9 hours ago

To whomever dresses Norma Bates… - You are a genius.I'm not one to be overly fashionable. I wear what I wear and I like it. I couldn't tell you what designers do what and I find shopping for clothes a complete waste of time and energy.... Continue reading →

Hazelnuts 11 hours ago

Steam pug helmet - Things are going well, the only things I still have to do are waistcoat buttonholes and buttons and a tail on the pug costume. And do a makeup trial run as I'm going to attempt fancy eyeshadow which may prove... Continue reading →
Diary of a bereaved mother,  丧儿记,: 丧失儿子的母亲的一本传记

Diary of a bereaved mother, 丧儿记,: 丧失儿子的母亲的一本传记 12 hours ago

Thursday Challenge:Money for Make a wish. - You can't see it, inside the box is MONEY, donated by generous people who have a heart of Gold for special needs kids.Today, I met two cool guys Kelvin and Carlos at the Make a will booth at Pt Chevalier... Continue reading →
On A Crafty Adventure

On A Crafty Adventure 13 hours ago

Baby Shower Makings Version 1.0 - It seems to be the time in my life when ALL the babies are being born. It is so awesome! I love seeing my friends blossom in their pregnancies and watching their teeny newborns grow!I have been slowly making things... Continue reading →
Being A House

Being A House 13 hours ago

Should be doing more? - So, I have this image in my head of an iconic mother figure that does it all; cooks, cleans, raises baby geniuses, follows every written rule in the Plunket book but is still holistically clued in and runs a 113%... Continue reading →
Blue Skies & Lollipops

Blue Skies & Lollipops 14 hours ago

National Haircut Day - It was National Haircut Day yesterday. Well not really, but that’s what it felt like. The first 3 women I spoke to at the school and kindy drop off, were all sporting new haircuts and had that I’ve just been... Continue reading →
Creating My Reality

Creating My Reality 14 hours ago

Hopelessly Devoted - My little heart skipped a beat when I was out exploring second hand stores with my Mum the other week and I stumbled across these. Oh John <3 I used to want to be Sandy. Who wants to stitch me... Continue reading →
Sophie Slim

Sophie Slim 15 hours ago

Dragonfly Dress for Milla - A few months ago Deb gave me a supermarket bag full of scrap fabric, inside was this purple dragonfly fabric. I had no ideas for things I could use it for, but as soon as Milla spyed it she declared... Continue reading →