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Abbie's Babble

Abbie's Babble 3 hours ago

Why I’m exercising regularly - I found a quote from the always radiant Kate Hudson in Mindfood magazine last year which sums up beautifully for me, why I’m back exercising. With my recent diagnosis of Celiac Disease I’ve been prompted to not take my body... Continue reading →

2 Littlefaces 3 hours ago

2 Ingredient Healthy Ice Cream … of sorts - Seeing Spring is just around the corner we were feeling in the mood for ice cream! Well sort of.Here is a healthy alternative to ice cream.The base ingredients are:BananaMilk or yogurt or if you are feeling naughty a bit of... Continue reading →
Sophie Slim

Sophie Slim 4 hours ago

Sundress For Milla [Stuff Ive Made] - My latest make for Milla is this pretty, flowery sundress.That.. actually... looks more like a nightie than anything. Doh.Luckily my 3 year old doesn't know what a nightie is. If you're interested in making this, it's a FREE pattern in a... Continue reading →
Creative Mama

Creative Mama 4 hours ago

liberty + doll’s house - I have a small love of doll's houses after I finally got my very own a few years ago and enjoyed renovating it.I'm pretty sure most basic doll's house furniture comes accessorize'd with polyester, plaid or any other random off cut... Continue reading →

PaisleyJade 4 hours ago

Lately… - Hello!  We are currently in the middle of packing up our home, but I just had to pop in to say "Hi!" and share some of our adventures lately... We had an amazing time last Saturday with one of the... Continue reading →
tiny happy

tiny happy 5 hours ago

two scenes: monochrome - :: A little free-form stitching on black linen - I recommend it as a relaxing evening activity :) :: A ceramic pendant I bought from here over summer. I love it but sadly can't remember the name of the woman... Continue reading →
Following Moonshadows

Following Moonshadows 5 hours ago

‘Weekly’ (or two) ten wrap up - This has been going on for a couple weeks now and I got my A into G with a lot more this week. I sat down and made some lists and got my brain back into gear, always helps.1) Write... Continue reading →
Kiwi Cakes

Kiwi Cakes 8 hours ago

New Sugar Card in store loyalty programme at Kiwicakess - So something a little exciting happened in store at Kiwicakes today. We started our "Sugar Card" loyalty programme, you can pick up a free card next time you are instore. Scan it at our mini ipad station and you're already... Continue reading →
Travelling with Ana

Travelling with Ana 9 hours ago

Scientist for the day - I was a scientist at Little Beakers today. We made glow in the dark goo, coloured snow and the best bet was making an explosion that hit the ceiling!! We got to bring the goo and snow home… but sadly... Continue reading →
The EaterSpot

The EaterSpot 10 hours ago

Batata Bi Kezbara - I am always on the look out for side dishes to go with a main meat dish. Potatoes go great with chicken or beef or lamb, so I try to make different variations … This is one of them. The... Continue reading →
A kiwi mumma

A kiwi mumma 10 hours ago

Advice from a new mum - I am by no means an expert nor do I pretend to have it all "under control" but having a newborn forces you to learn VERY quickly and I've discovered a few things in my first few months of being... Continue reading →
The Maybe Diaries

The Maybe Diaries 10 hours ago

Reflections on a Teenage Bra Twanger - When is an assault not an assault? According to the account given by this mother, the answer to that question is when it’s a 15 year old boy twanging the bra strap of a 15 year old girl. I've read this... Continue reading →
A little moment

A little moment 10 hours ago

Why do I get all the bad stuff? - Q. Our son has started preschool this year and to begin with I thought the settling-in period had gone really well and he was loving it. He’s always delighted to hop in the car to go, and as soon as... Continue reading →
Thus and Therefore

Thus and Therefore 11 hours ago

Restlessness and Rubbish - Last night, if good for anything, was good for reminding me what living with a newborn is like. Just in case I’ll get nostalgic for it at some later date. I’m pretty sure I won’t, because just seeing a newborn... Continue reading →
The Forever Years

The Forever Years 15 hours ago

Touch As Nutrition… From Our First moments and Throughout Life by John Tuite - kirsteenelaine:John Tuite writes about the importance for human beings, particularly in our earliest years, but also throughout life, of positive touch… so important, he says, that touch should be regarded as a form of “nutrition”. “The Forever Years” likes this... Continue reading →