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Latest Blog Posts

The One in a Million Baby

The One in a Million Baby 30 mins ago

Podcast transcriptions coming! - It’s been a long time coming, too long in fact, but very soon I will be getting transcriptions for the podcast. It’s something I’ve always meant to do but with working full time and podcasting on the side I haven’t... Continue reading →

latteslacedwithgrace 40 mins ago

Deck the Halls DIY: A Christmas Tablescape - Last month I discovered a new hobby that I love. It’s table decorating! Who knew that decorating a table could be such fun. We had seventeen family members over on Christmas Day and in preparation I had spent a little... Continue reading →
Amaorican | Waiting for Forever

Amaorican | Waiting for Forever 12 hours ago

Happy Birthday Avilicious - Jan 18th - 2016.Jan 18th - 2017.Back to reality for Shaily today. Her summer holiday has ended.Just in time for Avi's birthday bash.With big sister Nessa.With Dad.With big sister Tyler.Rome was AWOL.Jeston was stuck to his device.Mum was in the... Continue reading →
Happy Talk

Happy Talk 13 hours ago

New Podcast Series – the CONSCIOUS FAMILY - New podcast series alert! Because I am lazy at writing and also getting dressed for videos I have found my perfect medium podcasting!!! Check it out would love to hear your feedback! p.s be gentle on the sound quality and... Continue reading →
RA Girl

RA Girl 13 hours ago

I am a spoonie - I live with two autoimmune diseases, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, I was diagnosed with RA when I was 37 and Fibro when I was 40. My life since then has changed dramatically in some ways, in others its still the... Continue reading →
tiny happy

tiny happy 14 hours ago

alpine conditions - In the new year, we set off on a tramping (hiking) trip with friends. We try to do this together at least annually but sometimes weather and other circumstances prevent it. However this year, the sky was clear and everything fell into... Continue reading →
a little vintage doll

a little vintage doll 16 hours ago

Tiny sewn Bowie faces! - Having made some small Frida Kahlo face brooches before,  I have eventually got round to making some Bowie ones too! These were so much fun, but much harder to sew than the Frida's. {{Available boxed, over here}}
Striking Keys

Striking Keys 17 hours ago

The Land of Nod - The Land of Nod, Robert Louis Stevenson and Robert HunterThe matte finish and muted palette of this cover really draws me in.  The stars on the hardback edition shine in silver contrast.  The poly-chromatic illustration style makes me feel like... Continue reading →
One Passion One Devotion

One Passion One Devotion 18 hours ago

Worship Wednesday / There is a Cloud - I love new music.  It keeps my worship time fresh. I have a soft spot for Elevation Church worship.  They’re on fleek. This is their brand new song, on pre order, that just came out the other day. I had... Continue reading →
-The KitchenMaid-

-The KitchenMaid- 18 hours ago

Bone (broths) of contention - News that popsicles made from bone broth are summer's 'coolest new treat' has made me feel decidedly hot under the collar. If you're slow to catch on, a Sydney cafe has started marketing 'brothsicles' made from frozen beef broth, coconut... Continue reading →
Mermaid's Purse

Mermaid's Purse 20 hours ago

Recent stitch work – Lichen - I’ve been enjoying a spacious workroom, I share it with my two children, they often come and play and make with me, listening to audio...
ALBA ROSA - artisan soaps and more

ALBA ROSA - artisan soaps and more 21 hours ago

DIY Flea Spray for Dogs - Following on from last month's recipe for DIY Paw Balm here is a recipe for flea spray. As with most of my recipes it is simple to make once you've gathered the ingredients. The flea spray has a clean, fresh, but subtle,... Continue reading →
Gardening in Amberley

Gardening in Amberley 21 hours ago

New Roses - With such an extensive garden I'm always looking at planting, what I should put where, how big it will grow and how expensive it is.Lately I've been trying to take cuttings and grow from layered pieces of existing plants.I travelled... Continue reading →

pumpkinsintrees 21 hours ago

Alternatives to eucalyptus, when you have a eucalyptus allergy/sensitivity. - After using a natural toothpaste that contained eucalyptus I discovered that it was not something I EVER wanted to put in my mouth again!Laboured breathing, chest congestion, wheezing, itchy mouth and uncontrollable coughing was immediate but at least subsided after about... Continue reading →
Hey Little Sweet Thing

Hey Little Sweet Thing 21 hours ago

Dark Chocolate Bounty Bar Slice - I am a lover of the Bounty Bar. Ok, I’m a lover of all things chocolate but there is just something magically delicious about coconut and chocolate together- it’s bloody amazing! […] The post Dark Chocolate Bounty Bar Slice appeared first... Continue reading →