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Latest Blog Posts

Beautiful Crazy Faith

Beautiful Crazy Faith 7 hours ago

Documenting December Day 8 – We Are Home - God is good. So good.We are finally in our new home. Finally. I am tired but happy. Sitting in a sea of unpacked boxes and chaos that is moving but happy. We decided to all sleep on the floor in... Continue reading →
Amaorican | Waiting for Forever

Amaorican | Waiting for Forever 7 hours ago

Motherhood. - I remember going to my Mums after school and seeing four home made pizzas on the counter top with instructions for my two older brothers on what they needed to do to heat them. She'd always set the temperature on... Continue reading →
Amaorican | Waiting for Forever

Amaorican | Waiting for Forever 8 hours ago

Peanut Brittled Out. - Today I made peanut brittle.All day I made peanut brittle.I went in to town then came home and made peanut brittle.I went to work and came home and made more peanut brittle.All the peanut brittle has gone.I do like making... Continue reading →
The Parenting Place

The Parenting Place 11 hours ago

Tips for long trips - Why, after nearly 50 years, can I still remember what the upholstery of my father’s 1953 Chevy smelt like? In fact, I can even recall what the seats tasted like. (A very bitter American vinyl flavour). I suppose those memories... Continue reading →
my walk with food and beautiful plants and flowers

my walk with food and beautiful plants and flowers 11 hours ago

Auckland city libraries. - My latest book," The Playgroup Club" is now in the library. My other books are also circulated there.
Errant Parent

Errant Parent 12 hours ago

This Week’s Best Deals! - WorldMarket Promo Code: 10% Off 10% off! Valid until 12/31/16 JCPenney Promos: 15% Off Save 15% off your purchase on jcp.com! Use code at checkout. Excludes Sephora, Gift Cards, Services, ServicePlans, current orders/prior purchases, or in combination with any other... Continue reading →
The Migrating Swans-Feedburner

The Migrating Swans-Feedburner 12 hours ago

Throwback: October 2014 Little Things - After my trip to London: We went out on our boat one weekend, did some fishing, pulled in at one of the many islands in the Hauraki Gulf and did a hike before making our way back home. We also... Continue reading →
I'm NOT SuperMum - NZ Mum Blog

I'm NOT SuperMum - NZ Mum Blog 13 hours ago

Creamy Nacho Pasta Salad - ​When it comes to food, I love experimenting! Thankfully, DH & the kids are normally quite adventurous too – just as well, as most of the cooking is done by moi 😀 Most of... The post Creamy Nacho Pasta Salad... Continue reading →


Weetbix Tryathlon - This year Stealth-bomber completed his first weetbix Tri!  So proud of this little guy - he was AWESOME and pushed on trying very hard all the way round.  Over 2000 kids attended the Manurewa one - and it was SO... Continue reading →
Happy Mum Happy Child

Happy Mum Happy Child 15 hours ago

Christmas Inspired Mascarpone Trifle - © Maria | Happy Mum Happy Child Christmas Inspired Mascarpone Trifle When I think of Christmas, and Summer, I think of trifle. My grandparents used to make one with sherry and it was DIVINE. However, the sherry can be a... Continue reading →
Softearth's World

Softearth's World 16 hours ago

Wool rabbit - A collaboration between my daughter and I A lovely wool rabbit picture The perfect gift For sale here
Liz Donnelly

Liz Donnelly 18 hours ago

Trolls. Taking back the word ‘troll’. - Enjoy this movie with the kids on the big screen. Trolls is a big bright singing dancing story that is a heap of fun to watch. Its nothing like the trolls that roam the internet.
Have kids, they said. It'll be fun, they said.

Have kids, they said. It'll be fun, they said. 1 day ago

Kids, Social Media and Privacy - In today’s day and age, social media is a massive part of our lives, with the potential to be a massively intrusive part of our lives. Anyone who follows this blog will know, I guard my children and their privacy... Continue reading →

growmama 1 day ago

end of an extracurricular era - I have been a contributor to Extracurricular magazine for years. The latest issue has just landed. It's always a joy to sit down with a cup of tea and see it all in print.I will miss it. Yes, because despite... Continue reading →
The Best Nest

The Best Nest 1 day ago

Surviving Blogging in NZ – May the odds be ever in your favour - A couple of things happened online this week here in the New Zealand ‘blogger/influencer’ scene that really got me thinking about what it means to be ‘working’ in this online industry that is built upon…..um……nothing really.  Nothing but a bit of... Continue reading →