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Must Read Amy Nicole Mclean

Latest Blog Posts

Beautiful Crazy Faith

Beautiful Crazy Faith 1 hour ago

August’s Anecdotes Day 29 – Repost (because I can) - I NEED some chocolate!!!   Seeing today was an all-round hideous day...I am cheating and doing a repost of an past blog. Its my blog so I get to write the rules.....Maybe you will learn something new!!1.  I was born... Continue reading →
Happy Mum Happy Child

Happy Mum Happy Child 2 hours ago

Self Image: Have you ever felt like this? - Self Image: Have you ever felt like this? —————————————– Before I start this post, let me say that I am not looking for pity. I’m also not looking for any particular solutions because I know that the key to change is... Continue reading →
Mama Said

Mama Said 2 hours ago

I asked Chris from Hi-5 some terrible questions - I was talking to my husband and I said “I’ve been asked to interview Hi-5” and before I could say anymore my three-year-old started screeching at me. Because he had just so much to say about his best most favourite... Continue reading →
my walk with food and beautiful plants and flowers

my walk with food and beautiful plants and flowers 4 hours ago

Thursday Challenge: Ground - The current theme is "Ground" (Things on the ground, Soil, Garden, Lawn,...). Next theme is Expensive (Clothes, Cars, Jewelry, Money, Gold, Coins,...)Posting begins approximately Thursday 1am UTC (Wed 8pm EST, Wed 5pm PST, Thu 11am AEST) at http://www.spunwithtears.com/thursday.html
Kiwi Cakes

Kiwi Cakes 7 hours ago

Bendable Flexible icing that behaves just like fabric - I am so excited with the new flexible bendable icing we've just received here at Kiwicakes. It doesn't rip or tear, despite being all srunched up.We can custom print your own design  or you can purchase our paua design. Check out... Continue reading →

CAGED CANARY 8 hours ago

Teeny Tiny Crystals.. for Delicate and Understated Jewellery - I haven't made any jewellery in a while, but when I do it's usually very delicate and understated. That's why when I saw these teeny tiny pieces of Amethyst and Pyrite I just had to have them.I'll be keeping some... Continue reading →
Happy Mum Happy Child

Happy Mum Happy Child 9 hours ago

Cutest Instagram Baby EVER - Cutest Instagram Baby EVER ———————————- After quickly flicking through the “Recommended” section of Instagram, I found @lauraiz: she has a wee baby girl (Joey) who she loves dressing up when she falls asleep. At this stage she only had 16k... Continue reading →
Blue Skies & Lollipops

Blue Skies & Lollipops 9 hours ago

And all shall be well… - “And all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.” (St Julian of Norwich ca. 1342 – 1416)
Sweet Mama M

Sweet Mama M 11 hours ago

Things I want to remember, Winter 2016 - As the rest of winter fades into the distance, this is what I want to remember: Coffee… So much coffee. But beach coffee is the best! Field duty on sunny days, soaking up the Vitamin D “So your FitBit thinks that... Continue reading →

Munch 12 hours ago

Munch working with Aida Maeby & Pinch & Punch - In our last post we started to tell you about some of the local designers  Scooter+Pearl and Children of Promise  who are providing us with gorgeous eco-garments for our trip to the Emmys Gifting Suite e vent coming up soon. Today we meet... Continue reading →
Travelling with Ana

Travelling with Ana 12 hours ago

Racing at Agave Rio -
AMummysLife NZ

AMummysLife NZ 13 hours ago

I think I need to see my doctor - I think I need help to deal with the anger that I'm feeling towards my family.

Sweetashoney 13 hours ago

Stuffed Tomatoes with Eggs, Spinach, Avocado & Sriracha Sauce - Don’t you think that eggs, tomatoes & spinach are a killer breakfast combo ? I really do love this trio of flavor even better if it is easy to make and topped with mashed avocado ! Ahh this pregnancy turns... Continue reading →
Mia Bella Passions

Mia Bella Passions 14 hours ago

The Effect Of Visual Arts… - When you look at art, sculpture and photography how do you react?We all know what appeals to us personally, someone else may dislike or even disapprove of.Viewing art is an intensely private and personal experience,but how art impacts is such an... Continue reading →
Fern P

Fern P 23 hours ago

Sorting Sh*t Out – Day Five - The Crap-Filled Basket In my office I have a basket. The basket came from my sister-in-law. She gave it to my daughters for Christmas a couple of years ago, which sounds a bit lame but it wasn’t, because it was full... Continue reading →