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Must Read Amy Nicole Mclean

Latest Blog Posts

Have kids, they said. It'll be fun, they said.

Have kids, they said. It'll be fun, they said. 3 hours ago

12 Questions About Life: Princess, BoyChild AND BabyGirl - It has been such a long time since I did these questions with the kids, and finally I sat down without enough time and patience to do so. I thought it was well time for BabyGirl to give the answers... Continue reading →
AMummysLife NZ

AMummysLife NZ 4 hours ago

How We Celebrate Halloween - Halloween is less than a week away and we’re getting ready to have some fun with it in our family. Traditionally, our family don’t really do much at Halloween. We decorate the house a little on the day, dress up in... Continue reading →
The Parenting Place

The Parenting Place 4 hours ago

Odd hours - If you work ‘odd’ hours – night shifts, starting early or finishing late – you don’t need me to tell you how it makes family life complicated. It’s a real challenge – somehow, in 24 hours, you have to find... Continue reading →
Romantic Gestures™

Romantic Gestures™ 8 hours ago

Our Second Date - Arriving at the cinema we discovered that the next available screening was ‘Take the Lead’ starring Antonio Banderas, which is the real story of a dance teacher who believed in the talent of a group of problem kids.  We bought... Continue reading →
Striking Keys

Striking Keys 8 hours ago

Bilingual Bixley Board Books - My First Board Book: Colours & Animals Donovan Bixley (two new titles)We've raised our hands for each Donovan Bixley book that's appeared on the press release list and so have built up quite a collection of his iconic work.  My... Continue reading →
Travelling with Ana

Travelling with Ana 9 hours ago

Monday Milanesa -
The Parenting Place

The Parenting Place 9 hours ago

From Brazil to New Zealand: Sue’s story - Meet Sue. Warehouse team member, Brazilian-Kiwi, mum, wife, animal-lover, coffee-drinker, Japanese food eater, superwoman. The alarm clock is blaring, and there’s no time to hit snooze. Monday has arrived on time and before Sue has even opened her eyes, the day’s... Continue reading →
Teacher by trade, Mother by nature

Teacher by trade, Mother by nature 13 hours ago

Taking Stock – October 2016 - Welcome to another 'Taking Stock' for 2016. In case you missed any, you can read all of my Taking Stock posts HERE. Pip from Meet Me At Mike is the mastermind behind this, so be sure to check out her blog and share... Continue reading →
Always Made With Love

Always Made With Love 14 hours ago

Revitalash Eyelash Conditioner - A couple of weeks ago I was sent some Revitalash® Eyelash Conditioner to try and to be honest I couldn’t be more excited. So for the next six weeks, well four and a half weeks actually (I’ve been using it already).. I... Continue reading →
AMummysLife NZ

AMummysLife NZ 21 hours ago

Sleeping Like A Baby - I always laugh when someone tells me they slept so well they “slept like a baby.” My next thought is always, have you have seen a baby sleep? I know there are babies that sleep and sleep well. So well... Continue reading →
Amaorican | Waiting for Forever

Amaorican | Waiting for Forever 22 hours ago

End of Labor Weekend. - Today we fed ducks our old bread.Then we went to Breakers for lunch and visited the cemetery, slushy in tow.Where she sang him a haka and sipped on her iced beverage. Then climbed a tree and howled like a wolf....... Continue reading →
Fern P

Fern P 23 hours ago

Sorting Sh*t Out – Day 62 - The Vege Gardens You’ll never guess what happened today… I was outside, getting stuck into the tangled mess of weeds that is our “garden”, when I realised that I was sorting sh*t out. Yes. That’s right. I was in the... Continue reading →
Crazy K.A.L.M

Crazy K.A.L.M 23 hours ago

Perforating Pierre – Pamela Burford - I've been looking forward to the release of the third Jane Delaney mystery since I read Uprooting Ernie last year, (see my review here). I really enjoy this series and I really wanted to see what was going to happen... Continue reading →
Household Logistics

Household Logistics 1 day ago

The Little Things in Life - Sometimes it is the little things that can make a difference.While out doing a few shopping errands today, I knew I wanted to look at getting some clothes pegs.Clothes pegs are just one of those terribly mundane household items we... Continue reading →
Create Hope Inspire

Create Hope Inspire 1 day ago

Maison Fleur Neon Spotty Top - Hola,Remember I made the little top from a 60s curtain and I wished the buttons were on the front rather than back?This is the op shop version. I found this small piece of black with yellow neon spots in my... Continue reading →