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Striking Keys

Striking Keys 2 hours ago

An Illustrated Theory of Relativity: A “Children’s” Book Review - You Are (Not) Small, Anna KangCreated by a talented husband and wife team, this new release illustrated story features bold, comic-style illustrations and text, with a simple (but valuable!) message.  Esky opened the review copy and then confidently read it... Continue reading →
To Find A Silver Lining

To Find A Silver Lining 3 hours ago

I Know… I Know - I am slack!Blogging and me just haven't been buddies for a while - both writing and reading; I'm just not into it at the moment!But I have, once again, given up Facebook - you can read about the first time I... Continue reading →
The Forever Years

The Forever Years 3 hours ago

Four Steps to Cultivating Compassion in Boys, by Kozo Hattori - Kozo Hattori interviewed researchers and spiritual leaders about how to raise compassionate boys. This is what he discovered.  As the father of two sons, I am trying to protect my children from the undercurrent of violence that is rippling through... Continue reading →
Teacher by trade - Mother by nature

Teacher by trade - Mother by nature 4 hours ago

W is for Wacky Wigs - There are so many W words that I could blog about, however I wanted to share something about me and what I love. I have a bit of a confession: I LOVE WIGS!A few years back, my Mum and I went... Continue reading →
Blue Skies & Lollipops

Blue Skies & Lollipops 4 hours ago

My 10 minutes of turbulence - I love flying. I love the exhilaration of the takeoff as the airplane picks up speed on the runway and then fluidly lifts into the air. I love the landing with the rush down the runway. I love looking out the window (I’m a window... Continue reading →

dee*construction 4 hours ago

Disclaimer - I've gone back and forth a lot about getting into blogging again.I have things I'd love to share but the last three years have been about survival and deep soul surgery, so I've felt a definite shift away from all... Continue reading →

Crazy Mother Crafter 5 hours ago

Dear Prime Minister - Mr Key,After watching the news this evening I have concluded that yes you are not a politician, you are a business man. The impression I get is that you are about the numbers and not about the people. Even in... Continue reading →
Miss Lucys Ladybug

Miss Lucys Ladybug 6 hours ago

Shoe of the week - I am not normally a ankle boot girl, but i absolutely love these boots with their pop of colour floral heel feature. We are heading into winter here in New Zealand, and I think these shoes would be perfect for... Continue reading →
The Forever Years

The Forever Years 6 hours ago

Nepal earthquake: “the shake was like nothing I have experienced”, by Rupa Joshi, a communication officer with UNICEF in Nepal - kirsteenelaine:Our thoughts are with the people of Nepal in the aftermath of the violent earthquake they have experienced. We pray that those who are strong will support the more vulnerable members of society there: the injured, the mentally traumatised, the... Continue reading →
Catching the Magic

Catching the Magic 6 hours ago

Every wine has a story to tell - I read a beautiful story about a prize winning New Zealand wine this week, ‘The story behind the world’s best pinot noir‘ and it made me think of particular wines that have become markers of special occasions in my life.... Continue reading →
Made with my two hands

Made with my two hands 7 hours ago

ANZAC 100 years - On ANZAC day at 2pm we attended the most personal ANZAC service I have ever been too. Reading of letters from family members who were in the service. Very moving. One of the best wreaths that I have ever seen... Continue reading →
-The KitchenMaid-

-The KitchenMaid- 8 hours ago

Peaches, pistachio and chocolate - This is the inverse of Three Ways With - instead of being three ways with one ingredient, it's one way with three. Confused? Don't be. This photo explains everything.Peaches with pistachio and chocolateThis is such a simple idea I'm reluctant to... Continue reading →
Mummy Says...

Mummy Says... 9 hours ago

Why I No Longer Fear Losing My Identity To Motherhood - A little box on the screen of my Facebook profile made me realise the other day how much I have changed since becoming a mother. I imagine it’s not uncommon to conjure up memories of life pre-motherhood and barely recognise... Continue reading →

Muffin-mum 9 hours ago

Healtheries Ground Chia And Coconut Oil On The Face , Yes, Food On The Face! - As I have been searching around the internet for ideas with Chia in its various forms I have noticed a few recipes for face masks. At the moment my skin is really dry and no amount of water drinking is... Continue reading →
tiny happy

tiny happy 9 hours ago

velvety -   I had a length of black silk velvet tucked away in a suitcase for a long time. Years, probably. I finally cut into it and sewed it up into this wintry dress - and its already been worn to... Continue reading →