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  • Welcome lovely Kiwi mummy bloggers and those that love to read the posts from our talented bloggers.

    As you know this site was established in 2007, being the first blog aggregation site in NZ and we want to continue growing it for our readers, bloggers and our brands.

    Love Anna and Michelle xx

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Kiwi Mummy Blogs is growing rapidly, with over 900 blogs, and more added every week. We can offer a number of advertising and promotional opportunities to suit your product or business.

Check out our latest sponsored post.

Our offerings to date are as following:

  • Banner advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Content creation
  • Product reviews
  • Giveaways (extra online campaigns)
  • Event invitations
  • Social media promotion and advertising
  • Newsletter sponsorship
  • Business listings
  • Blogger recruitment
  • Sponsorship at our annual NZ blog conference
  • Brand membership

Below is an overview of some of our offerings.

Our Audience
More and more mums are becoming tech-savvy and spend a large chunk of their day on the internet. Social Media is how our mums stay in touch with each other and get that vital social contact without leaving their homes. Building relationships with favourite blogs and blog authors, they value their every word and often purchase based on the author’s recommendation alone. They are spenders, often managing the money decisions in their relationship and prefer to buy online for ease and convenience.

Ad Space
We have two sizes available;

  1. Large Tile:
    300 x 140 pixels

    $100 per month or $230 for 3 months
  2. Small Tile:
    140 x 140 pixels

    $60 per month or $120 for 3 months
  • 72dpi animated gif, swf OR static jpeg, png
  • Clicking through to your website/html page
  • Located in right side-bar on every page

We also run www.munchcooking.com and www.munchcupboard whereby further advertising can be offered at packaged rates.  Please email us for more information at contact@kiwimummyblogs.co.nz.

A giveaway is a fun effective way to drive traffic to your website. KMB’s traffic is run mostly on word of mouth, spread by the mums on their blogs or through social networking sites such as Facebook.

  • Product giveaways run for one week with a small admin fee of just $50*.
  • Product/prize $50 minimum value.
  • Product must be directed towards our target audience; women, mothers, kids and family etc.
  • The winner is drawn randomly and the product sent by post. It is your responsibility once you get the details to send out the prize, unless otherwise discussed.
  • Your website, contact details, logo and product will be showcased and promoted during the week of the giveaway.
  • The giveaway will be also promoted through our social media sites
  • Click here for an example giveaway.

*NB: A giveaway can also run with a product review, as this is very effective. Please see some finer details below if you’re interested in more than just a giveaway:

  1. If you do both a giveaway AND a product review you do not have to pay the admin fee of $20. Click here to see an example of a product review and giveaway.



Product Reviews
A review is an excellent way to get your product in front of our mums and readers. Teamed alongside a giveaway of the product, these can be really popular and do really well. The great thing about a blog post is once written and published it stays in the blog archives and up online searchable by google etc, indefinitely.

When our community is engaged to complete reviews your exposure is elevated. We can offer 2 blog reviews which will be posted on the 2 blogger sites, along with the KMB site.  So in total 3 different websites will showcase your product.

Our bloggers are a selection of mums (and we have some kids that will write them too) with kids of all ages and all over the country willing to write a review.  Below is some detail but further details will be provided via email.

  • Products must be provided free of charge for the bloggers to review along with any press releases or additional information to the blogger
  • Current reviews are promoted on the right side of the site and in the ‘Our Picks’ section where we showcase it with a small write up and image linking to the blogger’s review
  • Thoughts, opinions and recommendations are completely up to the blogger but will always be of a constructive and positive nature
  • We encourage you to also offer a giveaway.  See above.
  • The product review will be promoted through Facebook and our other social media sites including our related websites throughout the week it goes live and will stay on our site (including our related sites) and the blogger’s site indefinitely.


Business Directory
If you’d like your business’ website link added to our directory in the ‘Our Friends‘ section, please email me your business name, URL, and include a short description for consideration. A small admin fee applies.


Newsletter Sponsorship

Newsletter sponsorship includes the following for $100;

  • A paragraph on the company/product of interest.
  • An image.
  • A hyperlink to your website, email or an online store.



For all advertising and promotional enquiries, questions and bookings feel free to contact us:

Anna Bordignon and Michelle Kitney

KMB, PO Box 7648, Newtown, Wellington 6242, New Zealand

All prices are in NZ dollars and include GST.
KMB accepts payment via  Bank Deposit.

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