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How Dermaroller Treatment Can Lead to Healthier Skin


Micro-needling is often known by the more common name Dermaroller. That’s because one of the most common forms of micro-needling involves rolling a device studded with tiny needles across a section of skin. Even though there are other types of micro-needling devices, Dermarollers are the most popular.

What a Dermaroller is and How it Works

A Dermaroller is a hand-held device covered in needles. Those needles can range in length from .05mm to 2mm. The longer the needles are, the deeper they can penetrate into the skin. As such, longer Dermaroller needles are often used to treat lower layers of skin, as well as upper layers.

Dermaroller work in a couple of ways. First of all, much like the effects of some clinical laser equipment, the needles used in Dermaroller treatment can harm your skin just enough to make your body fight back. It’s that fighting response that can trigger your body to produce extra collagen, elastin, and hormones that can repair the skin cells. That can fix the damage caused by the Dermaroller, as well as pre-existing skin problems, such as minor wrinkles.

Secondly, Dermarollers create columns of damage. Imagine that those columns are like tunnels or elevator shafts. Medicated serums, which are often prescribed after Dermaroller treatments, can use those conduits to get to where they are needed faster. So, not only can the treatment itself improve your skin health, but it can also help your body absorb medications to treat skin conditions faster.

Why Dermarollers Are so Popular

Many people find Dermaroller treatment to be a better option than lasers for them. Lasers work wonderfully for certain types of skin and specific skin problems. But issues like oily skin can make a person a bad candidate for laser treatment.

Another reason why Dermaroller is so popular is that you can get Dermarollers online or in stores and use them on yourself at home. That can save you the trouble of even going to a skincare clinic. Those who have busy schedules love the convenience of being able to treat themselves at home.

At-Home Devices Versus Clinical Dermaroller Appointments

Of course, there are differences between the Dermaroller devices used at home and those used in clinical settings. Not only are the at-home needles generally smaller, but the after care instructions may be lacking. That’s why at-home Dermaroller is best used only to treat minor skin conditions. If your skin problems are more severe, you may need both the Dermaroller equipment and the expertise provided at your local skincare clinic.

What Happens After Dermaroller Treatment

Since Dermaroller treatments damage the skin, it takes time for that skin to heal after treatment is done. That means that you can’t expect to see immediate results. In fact, your skin might not look very good at all directly after treatment. It may take a couple days for redness and swelling to subside. Also, since it takes time for the skin to heal after treatment, you shouldn’t perform at-home treatments or schedule clinical treatments too close together. Treatments need to be spaced out enough to allow your skin time to recover, but be aware that it may take several rounds of Dermaroller before the condition of your skin improves a significant amount.

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