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Sponsored Post – Pinnacle Life instant online life insurance


Pinnacle Life is a New Zealand specialist in life insurance based in Auckland that offers you the ability to get almost instant approval for life insurance.

Many years ago I worked for a start-up online B2B insurance company, which bravely ventured into the realms of providing online quotes and sign ups. They were ahead of their time, this combined with the tech crash of 2001, meant they didn’t get very far. But what they were aiming to offer was an outstanding way to buy insurance. Essentially they were offering plain English policies with the ability to complete the paperwork online.

Pinnacle Life, a New Zealand insurance company, and is the first in the world to offer a complete online insurance and online underwriting service online. This is quite an achievement. This outstanding achievement has been recognized with Pinnacle Life winning an international insurance industry technology award.

Getting a Pinnacle Life policy is easy

No-one likes to think about death, particularly mums with young children. But with changing health trends in our modern world, life insurance is just as important for mums as it is for dads. Sometimes mums, especially those who are looking after kids at home and on a career break don’t prioritise life insurance.

Thanks to modern technology, Pinnacle Life makes getting life insurance is easy. Their entire process – from application to policy approval – is fully electronic.Their online application process takes less than ten minutes and customers receive their policies instantly. This means mums can get this job done at a time that suits them. Simply log-on from the comfort of home, while their kids are napping, or doing their homework, or in the evenings after everyone is in bed.

A Pinnacle Life policy can be obtained online after answering questions on their website regarding age, health and occupation. According to their stats, nearly 3 in every 4 people get approved and issued a Pinnacle Life insurance policy on the spot. On the spot sign up means that there are no medicals required, no forms to sign.

One of the really important things that Pinnacle aims to provide is insurance policies that are written in plain English, without complex fine print. This is really important, it means that you can more easily understand what you are signing up for, and what your entitlements are under the policy.


What types of policies does Pinnacle Life offer?

Pinnacle Life provides a wide selection of insurance policies. Life insurance is one of its key services. Life insurance is a form of insurance cover that pays out a lump sum in the event of the death of the policyholder.

Pinnacle Life also offers other key types of insurance policies including:

  • Mortgage cover
  • Funeral cover
  • Trauma cover
  • Disability cover

Make your application today online. https://www.pinnaclelife.co.nz/. If you are switching from one insurance policy to another, Pinnacle Life offers a switch and save discount of 20 percent.

Of course if you want to speak to them about anything you can also give them a call on 0800 22 22 23, and they are based in New Market, Auckland. Web: https://www.pinnaclelife.co.nz/

Michelle Kitney

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