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My dream escape to Villa 3293 in Bali


The Getaway LifeAt a very ordinary parent event at my kids’ school recently I was asked to reveal a hope or a dream of mine. Mostly it was a bunch of people that I didn’t know with whom I had to share my dream escape to Villa 3293 in Bali…

To begin with I was hesitant about revealing my dream because I felt sheepish admitting that my dream is to go to Bali in 2016. To admit that I idly dream about sun, sand, lush landscapes and making a great escape from life. This is what I dream of now and then, over the dinner-time meal-creation chaos at our house. Or while pegging washing to the line, flapping out the creases.

My dream escape to Villa 3293 in Bali

A trip to Bali has been a bit of a daydream of mine over the past few years. The idea of it has kept me going through the hard slog of parenting twins and an older child. In retrospect though, it was good to share it dream. Made it more concrete, now it is something I visualise. It is more like a goal now than a dream, and therefore it can happen.

My dream escape to Villa 3293 in BaliNow someone has given me the opportunity to say it louder, to amplify this visualisation. Thank you Villa Getaway, and I just couldn’t ignore this amazing opportunity to write about it. To commit the dream to text.

With three children these days the ideas of going anywhere for more than a day or two without them seems almost impossible. Even if I could bring myself to leave them I am not sure who would be brave enough to babysit my three boys for longer than a couple of nights. So the kids are coming with me on my 10 year wedding anniversary dream trip to Bali.

So although I would love to be lounging in a 5 star hotel near the beach on this trip, I am going to enjoy it way way more if I go to a villa. Somewhere where the kids have room to be kids. Somewhere where we can all eat, sleep, love and play, make a mess and really enjoy our stay.

While searching through the amazingly comprehensive but yet easy to use Villa Getaway website I found the perfect place for our family of five. Check this out, cant you just imagine how much we could all enjoy Villa 3293!

My dream escape to Villa 3293 in BaliMy dream escape to Villa 3293 in Bali

In fact its perfect, there are three bedrooms, which is really a minimum for us now. But even better.. this is really amazing it has three bathrooms and sleeps upto six. With five us at a hotel we would often have to book an extra room. Plus it has things that you need when you travel with a family. Kitchens, i-pod docking stations, TV and music. All ways to entertain your kids, which in turns ensures you get a break too. Very important on a family holiday. And there’s heaps of space outside this villa. Oh, I can see myself there now. And all that outside space will be great for the boys to run around and burn of energy…

That is my dream. Now it’s my goal – Bali in 2016. Be sure to come back to hear about how I turned My dream escape to Villa 3293 in Bali into a reality.

So go on, dream it. You know you want it, a break from life, a getaway.  All you need is a kernel of yearning for something to take you out of the ordinary and every day. If you have a whiff of  dream, say out it loud. Write it down, make it real. Live the #TheGetawayLife. You deserve it.

And maybe if I am really lucky I might also get to take some friends to Thailand. I would leave the kids at home with the husband for that one I reckon… 😉

Michelle Kitney

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