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How to move your Blog over to WordPress and why?


wordpress iamgeBlogger image

I think the second question needs to be answered first.  So why move from Blogger? No doubt, Blogspot / blogger is one of the best blogging platform for new bloggers.  But if you are going to take blogging seriously and as a business wordpress is the way forward.

Reasons To Move From Blogger To WordPress

7 Reasons Why You Should Move From Blogger To WordPress

Choosing the best platform is tough decision specially for new bloggers. Most experience bloggers suggest us to use WordPress. It comes with lot of features. WordPress is the most powerful blogging platform.

The easiest way to know what’s popular and what’s good is to see the number of users. Though, Goggle’s Blogger blogging platform has a pretty good base of users, they simply cannot compete with over 62,353,633 sites using WordPress

Here are few reasons why WordPress is best and you should move from blogger to wordpress today.

1. Better Design Options:

Blogger is just too much limited when it comes to design and has no chance against WordPress flexibility of allowing users to design a site from scratch and give it any shape they want without having to worry about anything.

Since, WordPress is clearly much more popular than Blogger, it is obvious that more designers are willing to work for WordPress sites which is why there are millions of stunning WordPress themes to choose from and they range from Business to Travel blogs, from Cooking to Gardening blogs and everything else you can think to blog about.

You can find tons of perfect, professional WordPress themes. Right now the top and best WordPress Theme club are;

2. Better SEO:

Blogger uses one long page filled with HTML to do all things which makes it less SEO friendly even though it is managed by Google itself.

On the other hand, WordPress is best for SEO and there are no arguments, no doubts and no competitors. There is nothing better than WordPress if you want to rock the search engines and attract huge traffic from there. This is a really strong reason to Move From Blogger To WordPress Now.

SEOPressor is currently best SEO plugin for WordPress, You can easily on first page of google with ease.

 3. Easy to manage:

WordPress is totally easy to manage. You can do anything in split of a second and see the results that would be a lot better when compared to Blogger.

WordPress even allows you to manage and control as many sites as you want from one single dashboard and this is something that is not anywhere around in Blogger.

 4. Full control:

If you have a self hosted WordPress blog, there is nothing in this world that can cause your blog to be deleted except breaking the rules of hosting company which is extremely rare case since they give you a lot of flexibility and there are no limits and restrictions upon what kind of content or promotion strategies you are using. You are fully in control of the game here.

5. Faster loading:

As said before, Blogger uses only one long page of HTML for doing everything. This not only results in poor SEO, but it drastically decreases the loading time. In case of WordPress, your blog loads pretty smoothly by default. And, if you want to boost the speed, there are plugins to speed up WordPress,

6. Easy to sell:

Anyone who has real passion for blogging never wants to sell her blog, but there are conditions some time where you are left with choice, but to let your blog go in other hands.

Whenever such thing happens, you’ll have a hard time finding a person who is willing to buy a blog hosted at Blogger and that is because of many reasons. Like free hosting and limited options. At such point, WordPress is the best thing in the world you can have. You can sell a WordPress blog in matter of minutes, take money, spend it wherever you want and enjoy your hard work getting paid off.

7. Plugins for doing anything and everything:

Do you want to change your logo in Blogger?

Or you may consider changing the header? Or anything like that.

If so, get ready to have a brawl with HTML and dive into the codes.

But what if you are at WordPress? You can get lot of plugins to manage blog if you Move From Blogger To WordPress. Just like the heading says, you can simply do anything and everything by installing a Plugin and there is no need at all to know any language.

How to move your blog over to WordPress?

We used Digital Discussions here in New Zealand to help us move the posts over and design our new site.  I was very impressed with the common sense, plan english approach Vicky took to communicate techy info to my humble knowledge in this area.  Many of you maybe able to work out how to move it yourself, but if you do need someone to help you with this Vicky is the one we suggest.  But it really does depend on how big your blog is, for example we had 400 posts so we needed some help, if you only have say 50 posts maybe you could just start up a new WordPress  without doing all the post transfers.

Anna B from www.munchcooking.com

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