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Emily Writes


Mama Said

http://www.EmilyWrites.co.nzMama Said Emily Writes

  1. No. of Kids: Two gorgeous boys – a baby and a toddler
  2. Current Location: Wellington
  3. What’s your blog all about? It’s my truth about parenting – honest, no bullshit. I believe in supporting mums no matter what. I’m also pretty snarky so some of my posts are just me ranting about things that annoy me!
  4. Why did you start blogging? My youngest was a few weeks old and I felt really isolated at home. I got sick of comments on Facebook that made me feel crap about myself so I wrote a post. The post was pretty popular so I figured I’d keep writing if people kept reading. I continue to write because it makes me feel less alone and I love meeting and connecting with mums from all around the world.
  5. What is your favourite part about blogging? Talking to other mums. I love making new friends – I learn so much from other mums. I feel really lucky to be part of such a wonderful community.
  6. How do you manage juggling family life with blogging? I don’t know! My husband knows that writing helps me stay sane so he often says – I’ll watch the kids if you want to write. I was a journalist in another life so I’m a fairly fast writer. I also write during the night because my youngest is a slow feeder.
  7. Any advice to new/other bloggers? I have two bits of advice:
    a) Delete mean comments. This is your space. Don’t let people use your space to treat you  or your other readers like shit. If a stranger came over for dinner and started attacking you or your other guests then surely you’d ask them to leave. I consider my blog to be like a dinner party. It’s my platform that I maintain and I want to protect myself and my readers from trolls. It’s a no-assholes zone.
    b) Don’t rush to do things like self host or put up ads or things like that. I felt like I needed to hurry things and I made quite a few mistakes. If I was to do it over I would have just stayed on WordPress instead of making more work for myself by getting a new host and domain.
  8. Top 3 favourite posts from your blog?
    Oh that’s hard! My post popular post is I am grateful now fuck off. I do love that post because it’s what started me blogging. It was my first ever post.
    I am pretty fond of I cried in a pie shop I don’t know why.
    And probably my most personal post you’d never know.
  9. Top 3 favourite blogs
    BabyHappyPants – An incredible, amazing mum caring for twin boys one with serious health challenges on her own. She’s hilarious. Real. Honest. And her boys are so freaking cute I can’t even.
    Sacraparental – A lovely blog about parenting from a Christian perspective. I’m not religious but I love the way Thalia writes.
    Like Real Life – Abi and I became friends through my blog and I love the way she writes. She always tells the truth and that’s so important in “mummy” blogging.


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