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Amy Nicole McLean


1.    No. of Kids:

2 girls – 3 years old and 8 months oldAmy Nicol Mclean

2.    Current Location:

Hamilton, New Zealand

3.    What’s your blog all about?

My life! It’s all about our journey in parenting, being adults, and attempting to find the right balance between work and family life – if the balance even exists.

4.    Why did you start blogging?

I’ve always loved to write. After having Baby #2, whilst on maternity leave I decided to take it up as a hobby. A project just for me! I’ve always been someone who needs to be working in some form, so this was it for me.

5.    What is your favourite part about blogging?

When one person tells me they “get it”. That’s my favourite part. Being able to connect with others, share our experiences as a way of support to others, so that one day they might feel comfortable enough to share their stories too.

6.    How do you manage juggling family life with blogging?

I don’t set strict timelines for my blog, when and if the content comes to me – I write about it! But normally the writing happens after the girls are in bed or during their naps. Often I will have created the post all in my head, so it’s easy to put it altogether when I manage to sit down at a computer.

7.    Any advice to new/other bloggers?

Be passionate about what you’re writing about! It makes it so much easier to keep going if you really love what you are doing. And have fun!

8.    Top 3 favourite posts from your blog?

– When a baby is not ready for this world – A piece I wrote for KiwiFamilies on our experience with miscarriage. The hardest post I’ve written to date, but one that comes straight from my heart. http://bit.ly/1SW1fYW

– Step onto the bus with courage – The first blog I ever wrote! This story was about someone dear to me, and it makes my heart warm and fuzzy to think of the hurdles she overcame. http://bit.ly/1YLS4Pp

– Choosing a career path at 15 – I love this because it tells the story of how I got to where I am today. And it’s a jagged journey – it’s not just going from A to B. We need to remember not to limit our children, and consider the enormous task we ask them to decide at such a young age. http://bit.ly/1rqATbZ

9.    Top 3 favourite blogs

– Emily Writes – I love her honesty and her no-hold-back attitude to blogging. www.emilywrites.co.nz

– Emma Mildon – I love how her personality shines through her writing! She’s such a great character and her posts with mindbodygreen and other websites are always a fun read. www.emmamildon.com

– Project Self – I know this blog is part of her business, but I seriously love reading Andrea’s work! She’s another honest, let-it-all-out type writer and I can always find something resonate with. http://projectself.com.au/blog/

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