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Why Scooters Are Fun for the Whole Family


Ava from Micro Scooters provides family scooter activities that kids and adults will love! The article proves how versatile and creative scooters can be for the whole family.

You’re probably aware of all the qualities and benefits of a scooter already…the fun, safe and educational aspects. But there’s still this belief that scooters are simply kids’ toys, when in reality scooters are so much more. They’re versatile products the whole family will love.

Don’t believe us? Here are a few scooter activities the whole family can enjoy.

Taking the kids to school

Father joins his kids on morning school commuteWhy walk your kids to school when you can scoot? Accompany the kids in style and scoot alongside them. If you live close enough, scooters are the perfect method of getting your kids there. They’re durable, fast and super fun.

And there’s no need to be concerned about your kids racing off either, since you’ll be on a zippy adult scooter yourself, which means you’ll be able to keep up and chaperone them safely and securely.

After you’ve dropped them off, feel free to scoot to your local grocery store and pick up a few supplies in your backpack or do a wheelie or two if you’re so inclined.

Commuting to work

Commuters takes a break while scooting on Micro suspension scooters

Adult scooters come in all shapes and sizes but some are specially designed with commuting in mind. There are speedy versions that feature large, durable 200mm wheels for maximum efficiency and speed, like the Micro Black.

Then there are the adult scooters that have the ability to fold down. This great feature, in which the handle bars are lowered and handle grips folded down, makes them compact, ideal for taking on public transport and storing under your office desk.

Whatever model you desire most, you can rest easy in the knowledge that scooters are fuel efficient and they’ll keep you in tip-top shape.

Weekend fun and bonding

A mum and her child have fun together on their scooters

Certain scooters like the Micro Flex+ are basically made for parents who fancy taking a leisurely scoot down the boardwalk on a mild summer’s afternoon with their loved ones.

In general, scooting is a great way for the family to spend quality time, stay fit and have fun together. It really is the perfect way to bond with your children.

You can even have fun in your own driveway by snaking up and down and pretending you’re surfing. Bonus points for double riding (having your young child on board with you).

Organised games

Kids enjoy playing a micro scooter game in the local park

Let’s face it. Sometimes kids need more incentive than a tranquil walk to get their juices flowing. That’s where these ingenious scooter games come in.

We’re big fans of ‘scooter art’, a fun idea where you dip your kids’ scooter wheels in paint and let the mini-Picassos loose on some big sheets of A2 paper (or alternatively use unfolded cardboard boxes, old newspaper, unused rolls of wallpaper or even old bedsheets).

Another great game is a good ol’ fashioned treasure hunt in your local park or playground. As the name suggests, plant some lollies around, make some fun clues and let the kids scoot off. It’s that simple. There are also the equally old fashioned races you can hold too.

We could go on and on about other games but, at the end of the day, children have such wild imaginations that they’ll come up with original, wacky ideas themselves. All they need is their mind and a great scooter.

Author Bio

Ava Simpson is a marketing coordinator for Micro Scooters, the global leader in scooters. Ava works at the Micro AU/NZ headquarters in Wellington and can often be found scooting around the CBD and the waterfront. She contributes regular blog posts about kid scooters and activities to Micro’s blog. Other than scooting, Ava is passionate about photography and hiking.

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