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  • Welcome lovely Kiwi mummy bloggers and those that love to read the posts from our talented bloggers.

    As you know this site was established in 2007, being the first blog aggregation site in NZ and we want to continue growing it for our readers, bloggers and our brands.

    Love Anna and Michelle xx

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Just Added

  • The Goose's Bridle - Blog
    Mum to three boys, Interior Designer/Property Stylist and DIYer. When inspiration hits I take lots of photos and then I'll write about it.

  • The SugarTrade
    Delicious recipes sweetened with glucose, rice syrup, honey and fruit, + savoury snack alternatives.

  • One Black Robin
    I sew, cross stitch, make fabric art and compulsively create. I blog a new creation at least once weekly.

  • The motherhood project
    The Motherhood Project is made up of a series of ventures to get mothers talking a little bit more honestly to each other, to make PND more acceptable to talk about, to accept that motherhood is hard work and sad and mundane as well as rewarding and fun.

  • ALBA ROSA - artisan soaps and more
    I'm a soapmaker, but don't just write about soap. The blog is slowly evolving to include craft, recipes and a littke about life in general.

  • A kiwi mumma
    The everyday ramblings of a first time mum living in beautiful rural New Zealand.

  • Surviving Domestication
    Surviving Domestication is my journey of discovering what I find best for my baby girl, bringing the efficiency of my work life to running my household, creating delicious healthy but cost effective meals and featuring various design projects...

  • Erena Te Paa
    I am a stylist, wife and mumma to be and I have recently taken my blog from a service based website to a blog and information focussed site. My goal and passion is to share genuinely useful, oringal and valuable content to my readers using what I know.

  • My Life As A Series Of Status Updates
    I am a Kiwi stay at home mummy to two small children. I was a Nanny for many years and assumed this would be more than enough to prepare me for motherhood. How wrong I was!

  • Hello Motherhood
    Everyone has stories to share. Sometimes it's enough to share them once, sometimes we need or want to share them more. The journey of motherhood contains many stories.

  • The Ramblings of a Multi-tasking Mama
    I started the blog to keep my family (all in Aussie) abreast of what the kids were up to whilst I was home schooling them, etc. It sort of has changed a bit of focus becoming more personal at times but still it's more of a family diary.

  • Money Can Buy Me Happiness
    Money Can Buy Me Happiness is for people who want an alternative to working until 65. It’s for those who are prepared to give the Joneses the middle finger and forge their own path.

  • Simple, beautiful and lovely
    This blog is a celebration of gluten free recipes, my love of children's books and all things vintage.

  • Miss Lucy's Ladybug
    I’m a vintage and retro loving mama of two. I have an eclectic style, seeking inspiration from the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s. I’m a greenie at heart who loves op-shopping and up-cycling.

    A little bit of everything really - on being a mum, a business owner, a daughter, a wife....pretty much my life, loves, fears and dreams all in one spot.

  • A mother's musings
    I have been covering everything in parenting to wee posts to get mums and dads thinking about themselves during this roller coaster..

  • The grass really is greener... in New Zealand
    My husband recently got offered a position in New Plymouth, so we packed up our lives back in Australia and have moved to New Zealand. I'm blogging about the experience.

  • My Wonderland
    Life with my daughter, parenting, food, beauty, craft ... My blog My Wonderland contains post about the things in life I love the most.

  • The Whole Foodie
    The Whole-Foodie: Healing Hashimotos and raising a healthy family with a whole foods lifestyle.

  • nice + simple
    Nice + Simple is a space where I blog about everyday life for our family. I'm Jessica, Married to a very handsome Samoan - Kat, Mama to Taylor Sofia and Archer Felix. I mainly write about our attempts at living a simpler life, with less clutter and stuff.