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  • Welcome lovely Kiwi mummy bloggers and those that love to read the posts from our talented bloggers.

    As you know this site was established in 2007, being the first blog aggregation site in NZ and we want to continue growing it for our readers, bloggers and our brands.

    Love Anna and Michelle xx

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Just Added

  • Mrs Cake
    Originally just about food, I started writing in 2010. Nowadays topics include some kid-related content and renovation tales as well, to reflect our changing family.

  • Elle Cherie Blog
    The blog is an online journal for myself and anyone else that may find the content useful. I have two Categories: Home - where I write Home related things, ie DIY, tips and tricks, Home organizing. Life - this is where i write tips and tricks for babies

  • Runabye Baby
    Runabye Baby is about inspiring mums to live a healthy & happy life to set a good example for their children. The focus is on love for your self, love for your family, love for your body, love for the world around you and love for others.

  • as I hear it
    'As I hear it' is a blog of my writing, from children's media and education articles, parenting 'microstories', and other information relating to my home business, the 'Eardrops Journeys' preschool learning CDs.

  • Tiny Human Adventures - Blog
    'Tiny Human Adventures' is written by Maz, a Wellington based creative (make-up artist, special effects artist, body painter, face painter, photographer & traditional artist) and first time adventurer into the world of motherhood.

  • AMummysLife NZ
    All things motherhood, family life and living with a child with Perthes Disease.

  • Misses Mac
    Wannabe blogger. I am an event manager by day (well, 3 days a week) and a clueless wife and mum by night. I am enthusiastically hopeless at taking photos but I don’t let that stop me. I have a passion for writing and a tendency to overuse exclamations!!!

  • I am Rebekah Corlett...
    I'm Rebekah - a wife/mum/blogger from the Kapiti Coast. My daughter Sophia (6) was diagnosed with moderate to severe autism at age 2 1/2 and currently doesn't talk.

  • Mama Said
    Honest parenting. No bullshit.

  • Nested
    This blog is about all the everyday things that are important in my life (which I hope are important / relevant to others as well).

  • The Sunday Journal
    Beauty, Fashion, Pregnancy & Lifestyle Blog

  • Maybe Baby Brothers
    I’m Haidee and I’m 33 (although for some reason I am stuck on 27 and really have to think about it to realise that I am in fact no longer in my 20’s). I’m married with two little boys, Cohen (3) and Finley (2).

  • vinoandchia
    I'm a Wife and Mum, runner, hypothyroid, foodie, lush – living in a gorgeous part of the world – Te Atatu Peninsula in Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Happy Mum Happy Child
    Activity ideas, recipes, product reviews and all around nonsense from a SAHM of 2. My readers and I enjoy long walks on the beach, Kmart, entertaining our kids, feeding our kids, more Kmart and wine.

  • Raising Queens
    Welcome to the inner workings of my mind. I’m Courtney, a 20-something year old mother of two beautiful girls from New Zealand.

  • Nesting in the Country
    'Nesting in the Country' is my personal blog. Here you will find blog posts about our building adventure, rural living, my pregnancy and experiences as a first time mum. I will also share my passion for exploring new healthy recipes and vegetarian cooking

  • Wanaka Baby Blog
    Travelling with youngsters can be everything from delightful, to frightful. I have decided to write a blog of some of my experiences to encourage others about the wonders of travelling with small ones, and to share some hints and stories along the way.

  • The Errant Parent
    The Errant Parent focuses on the humorous side of parenting. It's full of wonderful true-to-life stories and anecdotes about first time mom, McKenzie, raising her eleven month old son...

  • Happy Talk
    Our family personal development in areas of faith family finance and fitness.

  • Little Traveller Things
    My blog is about travel with a baby and other little lifestyle things that catch my eye. I love sharing photos of little daily life things; home, lifestyle, fashion and street photography from around the world.