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  • Welcome lovely Kiwi mummy bloggers and those that love to read the posts from our talented bloggers.

    As you know this site was established in 2007, being the first blog aggregation site in NZ and we want to continue growing it for our readers, bloggers and our brands.

    Love Anna and Michelle xx

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Just Added

  • Romantic Gestures
    Our blog focuses on all forms of relationships from personal ones to professional ones. We share advice and tips from our own relationship and also advice and tips from other men/women in the workplace.

  • Amaorican | Waiting for Forever
    Married 12 years when husband suddenly passed leaving me to raise our, then, 2 year old and a freeloader adult niece.

  • Fatty Goes Bye Bye
    I talk about my journey to find myself again, through weight loss, and learning to be nicer to myself.

  • My Kids Party
    My Kids Party, is purely New Zealand, purely kids parties. A place for party planning kiwi parents to inspire and be inspired.

  • Motivate Me Mommy
    Motivate Me Mommy is about encouraging and other mommy's to be their best whether they're a working mommy or a stay at home mommy.

  • Mummy Gems
    Little Gems for Mums!

  • craftyorganisedme
    I started my blog so I could ramble about the high and lows of life, the things that make me, me. I'm a Mum, work as a nurse part time and I love to craft and admire all things crafty.

  • my straying thoughts
    I write (when I get time) with 2 littlies about my (mis)adventures as a mum and wife. I have started blogging as a hobby to have something for me to enjoy doing.

  • Jandals and Jet Planes
    Kiwi family (mum, dad, 3 year old twins) are packing up and moving to Southern California in Oct 2015. Follow their story...

  • little-rugrat
    First time mum sharing my experience of life as I now know it!

  • I'm NOT SuperMum
    All Aboard the Parenting Rollercoaster!

  • Natural Mama | By Holly Dean
    A kiwi mama lifestyle blog, bringing you inspiration for your little ones + mama life. A collection of all things natural, organic + kind.

  • A Box of Fluffies
    Memoirs and musings about the fluffy and not so fluffy of mummyhood. That is, the good and the bad. The wins and the losses (because as a mummy I often have to pick my battles!) The easy and the hard. The fun and the humdrum!

  • Beautiful Crazy Faith
    Capturing and sharing our journey of a big family, big mess, big faith, big God and big life.

  • Kids are the Bomb Diggity
    I'm an early childhood teacher from NZ living in Melbourne. Just sharing things that I love, mostly what I find on instagram. Also activities, recipes, and children's interiors and fashion.

  • The Years Are Short
    Wifeand mother, recipe enthusiast, book worm, snap-shot taker, dog walker, thrifty homemaker, nature lover. Blogging about what makes me happy.

  • Fried Chicken & French Toast
    So, Fried chicken and French Toast, you may be thinking “I don’t get it”. Well, that is us! My husband and I. Peter and Hayley Mata (said Mah-ta, not matter).

  • Lisasaurus
    If you love chatty posts where I clearly think I’m funnier than I really am; you’ll love Lisasaurus.com.

  • Love The Little Things
    Pause on the sunlight as it bounces off your little one’s messy hair. Freeze frame on their sheer joy as they giggle like crazy. Stay in a tight hug with your beautiful family, forever?

  • Mamathology
    I am a mother of two gorgeous boys, living in Christchurch, New Zealand. I’m not a writer, or involved with early childhood education, but I am passionate about the real side of being a parent.