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New Zealand It Is Then!

New Zealand It Is Then! 9 hours ago

I think blogging is going to diminish drastically -
Comments for Mom On The Moon

Comments for Mom On The Moon 10 hours ago

Comment on Salsa Verde/Green Salsa by Andi Fisher - This is my FAVORITE kind of salsa and I love making shredded chicken with salsa verde for tacos. Nothing better!

Ditch The Carbs 10 hours ago

Flavoured Water Ideas - Flavoured Water Ideas On a summers day it’s nice to sit back with a refreshing drink but sometimes water can be, well, boring. These flavoured water ideas turn plain water into something beautiful, refreshing and naturally colourful. After making these... Continue reading →
A little moment

A little moment 10 hours ago

5 on Friday – Labour Weekend special -   Tradition dictates that gardeners wait until Labour weekend to plant tomatoes and basil. If you’re in Wellington, channel your inner Willy Wonka and tour a chocolate factory If you’re in Auckland and love Lego, head to the 2014 Auckland Brick... Continue reading →
Domestic Scene

Domestic Scene 10 hours ago

Tulip circles - Earlier I wrote about the tulip bulb pits. Here they are up, in pretty tulip circles.
Works in Progress

Works in Progress 10 hours ago

Take one quilt pattern, make three blocks and…… - So you brought the book (I know loads of you have!)and you want to make something but you don't have time to make a quiltor you don't have money to buy the fabricor there's just too much and you don't... Continue reading →

11 hours ago

Date night - So a while ago the Huzzy and I started dating the alphabet- once a month on one of our date nights we would take turns and alternate coming up with a date based on the next letter of the alphabet.... Continue reading →
Kiwi Cakes

Kiwi Cakes 11 hours ago

Sweet cents – making edible metallic money for your cakes & cupcakes - Metallic edible money is so easy to make!. I used these sweet cents lollies from Mayceys NZ. You can also use edible chocolate coins with the foil removed.The lollies come in a variety of colours I used edible light gold, dark... Continue reading →
One Passion One Devotion

One Passion One Devotion 11 hours ago

Dinner Guests -   If you were to have dinner with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be and why? For me my list goes like this: 1. JJ Abrams #becauseLOST, #becauseStarWars #becauseStarTrek #becauseFringe 2. Billy Graham (i have a whole collection... Continue reading →
Comments for Mom On The Moon

Comments for Mom On The Moon 12 hours ago

Comment on DIY Onion & Tomatillo Flowers by Letty Desafio - Interesting! I throwaway some many onion skins it is good to know they can upcycle.
Domestic Scene

Domestic Scene 12 hours ago

Round 2 Tulips - The first round of tulips is done, and other varieties are pushing through. I performed a cut and cull, removing the big pink flower heads (leaving leaf and stalk) to reveal the round 2 tulips.
the adventures of MNMs

the adventures of MNMs 14 hours ago

Rays from heaven and other cloud porn - After our big adventure out in the Abel Tasman, we all needed a cup of tea and a sit down, which also meant that takeaways were on the cards for dinner. The kids were more than happy with McD's (of... Continue reading →
Kiwi Soup

Kiwi Soup 14 hours ago

Tim Armstrong - Tim has been around a while – his original band The Politicians had several hits and numerous TV appearances in the mid 80’s which turned him into a bit of a household name at the time.  He now plays with... Continue reading →
Comments for Mom On The Moon

Comments for Mom On The Moon 16 hours ago

Comment on DIY Onion & Tomatillo Flowers by Erica Brooks - Very interesting craft idea. I don’t think I’ve ever seen art made out of onion skins or tomatillo husks before.
Comments for Mom On The Moon

Comments for Mom On The Moon 16 hours ago

Comment on DIY Onion & Tomatillo Flowers by Sophie’s Plus Size Wonderland - Wow, that’s very creative!