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a little vintage doll

a little vintage doll 22 hours ago

New dolls in store! - I've been spending alot of time on these dolls! Its taken so long to make decisions on fabric, hair etc as well as all the handsewing! They are available over on Etsy here.xx I am able to take on some... Continue reading →
Truly Myrtle

Truly Myrtle 23 hours ago

Introducing: Jenna from Nunnaba Artisan Yarns! - I have been thoroughly enjoying finding local handmade dyers since I've been back in New Zealand, although I should hasten to add, my definition of "local" includes Australian as well as New Zealand dyers. After all, we're only a ditch... Continue reading →
Crazy K.A.L.M

Crazy K.A.L.M 1 day ago

In the midst of life – Roger Silverwood - I have read a lot of crime and murder mystery books, they are one of my favourite genre of books, and if I want some kind of relaxing entertainment then I often turn to a murder mystery either in book... Continue reading →
All in the Daze

All in the Daze 1 day ago

Taking Stock - Hi Friends. Today I’m joining in with Pip to sit back and take stock of things around me. I have the day off work, so housework is on the agenda for the few hours before I have to collect my... Continue reading →
Travelling with Ana

Travelling with Ana 1 day ago

Papi’s culinary skills - Admiring Papi’s culinary skills. Mum can keep her nutritious plant based meals, I’m having dinner with Papi.
LDM - La Donna Moderna

LDM - La Donna Moderna 1 day ago

Featured Blogger | Laura Loves Beauty Blog - Another week has passed and that means time for a new fabulous featured blogger! Blog: LAURA LOVES BEAUTY BLOG Blogger: Laura Curwood Genre: Beauty Tell us a little about your blog. Laura Loves Beauty Blog is a beauty blog which is just over... Continue reading →
The Forever Years

The Forever Years 1 day ago

More Kiwi kids video chatting with strangers on risky website: what is Omegle? By Jessy Edwards - A website with the tagline “Talk to strangers!” is putting increasing numbers of Kiwi children at risk, cyber safety professionals say. Stumble across website Omegle and you’re just two clicks away from being in a video chat with a stranger.... Continue reading →
Great Fun

Great Fun 1 day ago

At My House: Things I’m Loving and Doing - Sometimes I have so many ideas for blog posts running through my head that I end up writing nothing at all.Today I'm going to just let the pictures do most of the talking and show you what I've been up... Continue reading →
The Forever Years

The Forever Years 1 day ago

ChildFund’s Small Voices Big Dreams survey asks children in NZ and around the world their views on important issues - ChildFund wants Kiwi children aged 10 to 12 years to have their views heard worldwide in the largest global survey of children’s opinions. Now in its sixth year, ChildFund’s Small Voices Big Dreams survey asks children their views on important... Continue reading →
-The KitchenMaid-

-The KitchenMaid- 1 day ago

Miso-roasted pumpkin - It's funny the things that stick in your head. For example, the sole thing I remember from the Queen's last visit to New Zealand (don't ask me when it was, I'm not that much of a royalist) is that she... Continue reading →
ALBA ROSA - artisan soaps and more

ALBA ROSA - artisan soaps and more 1 day ago

Brown Sugar Foot Scrub - Earlier this month I posted a recipe for Peppermint Rosemary Foot Scrub. I've been asked for a foot scrub recipe that works just as well, but which doesn't include salt as an ingredient, so here is a very easy sugar... Continue reading →

Vegemitevix 1 day ago

We need you to know - Dear person suffering through mental illness, we need you to know these things. We are your mother, brother, sister, best friend, significant other. We are the ones in your world fighting in the trenches with you. 1. Blame – We... Continue reading →
mummy do it

mummy do it 1 day ago

Crockpot Lasagne - When I shared my Crockpot chicken Mushroom and Rice recipe the other week the Domesticated Momster commented that she liked lasagne in the crockpot, so I thought I would give it a go. I had a look on pinterest for... Continue reading →
Household Logistics

Household Logistics 1 day ago

Colour - "Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are."Marianne Williamson
A little moment

A little moment 1 day ago

5 on Friday – Winter warmers -   Soup weather is most definitely here! Simon Gault took inspiration from his mum for this one Pea and ham is a classic combination that works brilliantly in the slow cooker Carrot and tomato is a colourful combination Jamie Oliver’s... Continue reading →