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Latest Blog Posts

Gardening in Amberley

Gardening in Amberley 4 days ago

On Bees and Pony Poo - My blog has not been at the forefront of my life.  But life has been continuing onwards, with all the usual bumps in the road.Recently an amazing local from the internet delivered a huge pile of shit (well, pony poo)... Continue reading →

growmama 5 days ago

From a NZ in shock - Illustration credit to Ruby Alice RoseThe bodies of those shot in their mosques by a white supremacist on Friday are still not back with their loved ones and the nation is reeling. The man who took 50 people's lives with such... Continue reading →

Amaorican 5 days ago

Monday. - "The skateboard park" for her Sphero.Mi vida.
Dr Julie Bhosale

Dr Julie Bhosale 5 days ago

Please Do More - It has taken me a little bit of time to process and reflect on the events that shook our country on Friday. As someone in a position of leadership within our community and the wife of an immigrant raising two... Continue reading →
Happy Mum Happy Child

Happy Mum Happy Child 5 days ago

Digesting What’s Happened & Talking To The Kids - Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will know that Christchurch (and New Zealand) were rocked by a horrific terror attack in which 50 of our wonderful people were killed.We haven’t ever experienced anything like this here, so it’s... Continue reading →
Made with my two hands

Made with my two hands 5 days ago

Working in the garden - This weekend I got quite a lot completed in the garden. Items I have procrastinated about for a long time. I am a doer and action person. So when tragedy hit our region in the form of a massacre one... Continue reading →
One Passion One Devotion

One Passion One Devotion 5 days ago

Perspective - Photo by wendel moretti on Pexels.com “Note Jesus’ perspective….Heavens perspective and ours are often miles apart….we are calling things dead when they are sleeping.” Charlotte Gambill
Mia Bella Passions

Mia Bella Passions 6 days ago

Vintage Newspaper Covered Books….❥ - It was time to change up the fabric covered books on my shelf display.I had a red theme going on, and it's been like that since 2016!That's such a LONG TIME!How did I miss changing this before now?So for the... Continue reading →
Household Logistics

Household Logistics 6 days ago

Forgiveness? - Last night as I lay down to sleep I thought of my grandfather. Grandpa Jim was a person whose feet I often sat at to hear war stories. They were war stories all focused on the human condition and human... Continue reading →

growmama 7 days ago

Eco floss is here - A weird thing happened. My scheduled posts disappeared. Not sure what that was about. I had other stuff going on and its taken me almost two weeks to realise the silence over here on the blog. Oops. I've been a bit distracted... Continue reading →
Crazy K.A.L.M

Crazy K.A.L.M 1 week ago

The Playmaker – Cathryn Fox - The Playmaker by Cathryn FoxMy rating: 4 of 5 starsSometimes I'm really in the mood for a good romance story and this one certainly delivers on that. This book has two of my favourite romance tropes; big brother's best friend... Continue reading →
Household Logistics

Household Logistics 1 week ago

Friday 15 March 2019 Will Be Remembered -
Blue Skies & Lollipops

Blue Skies & Lollipops 1 week ago

Focus - I’m sitting in the car waiting to pick the kids up from school. I’m parked on the side of the road. Street signs, concrete, fences, cars parked, cars driving past. It’s a rather unattractive urban view. Or is it? For my... Continue reading →

Munch 1 week ago

Teachers need our help! - We recently published a blogpost called ‘For the love of teachers‘ where we spoke about the campaign that has been brought out to show support for our teachers. Being a teacher is possibly one of the most rewarding jobs in... Continue reading →
Wendy's Quilts and More

Wendy's Quilts and More 1 week ago

Smoyg – and the Peacock Party - Last week I started something new.  It's the Smoyg table runner that I've had tucked away since June last year.I bought this book and the kit from Yvette Stanton of Vetty Creations at the Sydney Quilt Show last year.  Yvette... Continue reading →