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Latest Blog Posts

Mia Bella Passions

Mia Bella Passions 1 day ago

Create, Inspire, Love #15 - Welcome to Create, Inspire, LoveOnce a month Mia Bella Passions will select something to share, from another creative, blog or website....It may be: Create: DIY, upcycling, craft, or baking. Inspire: Art, sculpture, a quote or inspirational message.Love: Or something I think you will love.Today's Favourite is: Felt Fox... Continue reading →
Happy Mum Happy Child

Happy Mum Happy Child 2 days ago

Useful Tips for People Who Suck At Eyeliner -   Useful Tips for People Who Suck At Eyeliner ——————————— Last night, while I was streaming live on my Happy Mum Happy Child Facebook page, someone commented on how amazing my eyeliner was (seriously made my night, thank you). However,... Continue reading →
Amy Nicole McLean

Amy Nicole McLean 2 days ago

Clearing the bumps for a less distracted mind - Do you ever have one of those days where you hit a bump, and in a split second you are forced to either ignore it and keep plodding along, or you analyse it, get stuck on it, and end up... Continue reading →
Marcelle Domingo

Marcelle Domingo 2 days ago

Winter wardrobe update | WITCHERY and Glassons  - Winter is hands down my favourite season. And I can’t say that rainy weather gets me down infact I absolutely LOVE rain – I just find it so relaxing and could fall asleep listening to it. Even though the weather... Continue reading →
Beautiful Crazy Faith

Beautiful Crazy Faith 2 days ago

Musings of May Day 27 – Honour and Privilege - I have both the privilege and honor to serve my amazing friend for the weekend. A long held vision and dream of hers has finally come to fruition. A weekend just for girls 8-12 so rightly named Daughters of the... Continue reading →
Teacher by trade, Mother by nature

Teacher by trade, Mother by nature 2 days ago

Friday Favourites: Sharing the Blog Love #15 - Happy FridayWelcome to 'Friday Favourites' - a weekly link up party. Link parties are a great opportunity for bloggers to get together and have a 'party', sharing their favourite, best or most recent posts from their blogs. Whether you are... Continue reading →
AMummysLife NZ

AMummysLife NZ 2 days ago

Peanut Butter Biscuits - 3 ingredient peanut butter biscuit recipe
The Beauty Foodie

The Beauty Foodie 2 days ago

The Best Beauty Box Ever - When I got an email from The Best Beauty Box Ever to ask me if I’d like to receive a complementary beauty box to review, I tried to play it cool, I really did…. Fail:  I was jumping with excitement... Continue reading →
Made with my two hands

Made with my two hands 2 days ago

Trying to be more adventurous - A long time ago I started embroidering squares with my boys memory verses from school, thinking it would make a great quilt.I then patched it all together with scraps that were given to me or left over from other things.... Continue reading →
Travelling with Ana

Travelling with Ana 2 days ago

Rafaisms - Rafa: If T-Rex was the King of the dinosaur’s, why did he eat other dinosaurs? *     *    * Rafa: Mama, I said leche…. please!!!…. Mama! 3…..2….don’t let me get to 1! *   *    * Rafa:... Continue reading →

Munch 2 days ago

Always Made with Love reviews Munch Baby Feeding Tray - The recent delivery from the Munch Cupboard of the Munch Baby Feeding Tray couldn’t be more perfectly timed as little Miss Isabelle at 4 1/2 months is starting to get ideas about solids. My first thought to that is… Stop!... Continue reading →

Ditch The Carbs 2 days ago

Are Frosted Flakes Healthier Than an Avocado? - There has never been a better time to ignore the healthy eating guidelines than now, because according to government officials, eating pop tarts and frosted fakes are actually healthier than an avocado, almonds, or even salmon. It’s Official – Frosted Flakes Are... Continue reading →
Mummy Says...

Mummy Says... 2 days ago

We deserve to be safe here - Reclaim the internet… There’s a slow and horrible realisation that creeps up on you when you’re trolled. First, it’s the sensation of feeling a little bit dirty – as if you’ve been tainted by someone else’s filthy words. When you can... Continue reading →

Sweetashoney 2 days ago

Whole wheat banana muffins | an easy snack for kids - Those whole wheat banana muffins are the healthiest ever! NO processed food here only real food to create delicious, moist  and nut-free banana muffins for kid. Whole wheat banana muffins: an easy and healthy nut-free snack for school My big girl... Continue reading →
Wendy's quilts and more

Wendy's quilts and more 2 days ago

Hand quilting my la passacaglia quilt - This week I started hand quilting my la passacaglia quilt.  Of course there are many different methods to hand quilt, but this is what I've decided to do.  Some people have machine quilted their la passacaglia quilts, but I always... Continue reading →