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Pacific Plate Brit

Pacific Plate Brit 16 hours ago

Country Kids | Active snapshots from our week - Sharing some active snapshots from the past week of my three active daughters… Swinging in the garden under a shady tree, with friendly lizards and birds for company - Climbing at the playground, with the agility of monkeys, the enthusiasm of bees chasing pollen, and the confidence of feeling comfortable in their own bodies - […] Continue reading →
Create Hope Inspire

Create Hope Inspire 18 hours ago

Holiday Reading – Jodi Picoult - Will you think less of me if I confess this is the first Jodi Picoult I've read?? I'll remind you of course that I finally feel at a life stage where I have time to really read and enjoy good novels and I'm thinking I should have done it earlier :o).So... Continue reading →
Travelling with Ana

Travelling with Ana 22 hours ago

The great Sydney rhinoceros hunt - The rhinos are part of the Taronga Zoo’s Wild Rhinos to raise awareness of the plight facing rhinos through poaching and habitat loss and to raise funds for the zoo’s rhino conservation program.  The herd is 125 strong and spread around streets, parks and public spaces in Sydney.  They will be auctioned on May 14th. Continue reading →
Craving Fresh

Craving Fresh 1 day ago

Us - Paul, Sophie and Lily cooking damper over an open fire.This post is dedicated to my friend, Liz, who pointed out that I haven't done an update on the family recently. Family life is good right now. James James just turned seven months' old and is sti... Continue reading →
Practically Perfect...

Practically Perfect... 1 day ago

What You Really Learn When Fixing Up an Old House - I have to be honest with you guys.  I had a post planned in which I wrote all about what a great job I was doing at replacing the old, dated outlets in our house.  I had pictures, a mini-tutorial … Continue reading → Continue reading →

growmama 1 day ago

this lovely lady - We have been seeing rather alot of this lovely lady recently. We just became friends of Auckland Zoo. Magazine, email updates, behind the scenes opportunities. Ideal for folks who study animals ALOT. Despite my issues around keeping animals in captivit... Continue reading →
Tammy Roses

Tammy Roses 1 day ago

Things I’ve Learnt… Work - Just because I thought it would be fun to put it out there, I've made a small list of things I've learnt from working in a call centre.I like my job, I do. The people are fun to be around, and overall it's not always that bad, there could be worse call... Continue reading →
Following Moonshadows

Following Moonshadows 1 day ago

Potato Tart - This thing is so scrumptious and so easy I just had to share. Please note that I don't have a photo of it cooked as once it's ready, my husband is on it and it's gobbled up before I can even think about getting my phone out for a photo!Potato Tart1 she... Continue reading →
Le Petite Mania - Home

Le Petite Mania - Home 1 day ago

Why do I like this so much? - [...] Continue reading →
New Zealand It Is Then!

New Zealand It Is Then! 1 day ago

A moan - I told The Man I don't get ill often. He replied that no, I don't - but when I do, I do it properly.Right about now I feel like I would like someone to put me out for a day or two, so I can wake up when most of this stuff is over. Continue reading →
Works in Progress

Works in Progress 1 day ago

Don’t let the little birds steal your joy {about jealousy} - A couple of Christmases ago we went to Melbourne for my brother's weddingand while we were there we went to that famous street that has the cake shops.Of course we had to try the cakes (for the cultural experience)and when we were finished the birds ca... Continue reading →
Paper Moon

Paper Moon 1 day ago

To be {you}, or not to be - My foray into selling one of my prints was shortlived, my friends. The other day, I opened the Felt homepage and my heart sank when I saw some alphabet art featured using a very similar typeface to my Be You print. To say I was horrified is beyond an understatement. When I first started toying with the idea of creating alphabet art to sell, I considered making a 'Hi' print, but I had a feeling that I had seen it before. A quick google search yielded several versions of the idea, so I opted for my phrase instead.It is a terrible feeling to think that someone else has stolen your idea. Feeling very dismayed, I clicked on this seller's listing and noticed that the print has been advertised for some time, judging by the number of views it had amassed. It is quite obvious that my version arrived on the market later. So, now it looks like I'm the copycat. Hand on heart, it was purely coincidental. Even though the highlighted words are different, the similarities between my version and theirs were just too hard to ignore.  I may rework my design using a different font at some point, but to me, it was an easy decision to withdraw my listing. I would absolutely hate to be labelled as a plagiarist and if the situation was reversed and I discovered that someone else was 'borrowing' my ideas, I would hope that they too would take the matter seriously.This whole issue around copyright is such a murky beast. The internet is in turns an amazing place to seek inspiration but it also makes it so much more difficult for people to protect their ideas and creations. How many ideas pass into people's subconscious, and without realising it, get passed off as their own with no credit to the source? Who could ever possibly know where the original idea came from in the first place? I use Pinterest very rarely for the reason that I may become too overly-influenced by others' work, as you can probably tell by how few pins my page has.Copyright breaches are not limited to occurring between small players either. It has been a long-held belief in creative circles that large companies take ideas from independent designers, the most recent example being the newly-launched bedding and decor range in a well-known Antipodean chain store. How much of it is accidental or blatant copying with little regard for the owners of the original designs remains to be seen, but it is certainly the talk of social media at the moment and could be quite damaging to the store's reputation. Have a look at two products on the left that I pulled from the website in question and judge for yourselves:The raindrop cushion on the right is made by Zü, a French label.The bear and triangle fabric on the right is an Andrea Lauren design.Eye-opening isn't it? I don't know about you but it has certainly changed my view of this particular retailer. There will always be demand for cute, well-made products and often it is the price point that will determine whether someone buys it. I accept that not everyone can afford or wants to pay for designer labels. However, would it not be prudent for large companies to pay independent designers and work with them instead of taking the idea and designs without credit or compensation? Or do they assume that consumers won't notice, or don't care? Continue reading →
A little bit country

A little bit country 1 day ago

Fifteen/52 - "A portrait of my children together, once a week, every week, in 2014."I took a series of photos hoping to get all three looking at the camera, impossible.  Funny faces, looking in all directions, then Georgie did a runner.  In the end I thin... Continue reading →
Kiwi Crafty Chemist

Kiwi Crafty Chemist 1 day ago

It’s Been A Little Quiet - I've been pretty slack at keeping things moving in here.  Partly because much of my spare time has been taken up planning a big family trip for later in the year, partly due to end of term chaos, and partly because our family of 4 celebrates 3 bir... Continue reading →
Anxiety Girl Becomes Mum

Anxiety Girl Becomes Mum 1 day ago

Day Leave - I have been granted an entire day at my own home! Not a big deal, many would say, but I am now so institutionalised, that I was awake from 4am because I was so excited.I was nervous about how I might cope. I was worried I wouldn't know how to behave. I... Continue reading →