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Works in Progress

Works in Progress 10 hours ago

#bestbookever [and the winners of the Beyond Neutral Giveaway] - Now that I have made a couple of quilts from the Beyond Neutrals bookand have two more underway,I realised that I have a couple of other books with patterns by QuiltDad.Now that I know the way he writes patterns,I'm definitely... Continue reading →
Comments for Sacraparental

Comments for Sacraparental 15 hours ago

Comment on Making Parenting Easier #1: 12 Ideas to Make You Feel Better by Happy Mommy - I agree with being kind to yourself. As a parent we need to spend valuable time with our kids. KUDOS. This is a very great post! -Flora
My Lucky Stars

My Lucky Stars 16 hours ago

Freedom - I love this stage. The just-learned-to-walk stage. The let-me-out-and-I’m-running-away stage. Annie loves being chased now that she’s mastered ‘running’ and was so excited on our recent trip to Taupo to be let out of the pram at Huka Falls.
All In A Daze

All In A Daze 18 hours ago

Lemon Loaf - Lemons remind me of sunshine, and lets be honest, there’s not much that beats the tart taste, or citrus smell, of a lemon. (Adapted from a every old Womans Day recipe, less sugar and butter then the original) Ingredients  100g butter,... Continue reading →
Practically Perfect...

Practically Perfect... 18 hours ago

Farm Fresh “Back-to-School Challenge” Food Drive + Gift Card Giveaway - One of our favorite Williamsburg grocery stores is Farm Fresh.  Farm Fresh consistently offers quality products at prices within our family’s budget, and we shop there nearly every week.  As a result, I was so excited to hear about their... Continue reading →
To Find A Silver Lining

To Find A Silver Lining 19 hours ago

Back On Track… Well Almost! - So after spending much time thinking and panicking (if truth be known) and praying desperate prayers for inspiration - I have finally come to a place of being able to help hubby, I think. I still desperately want him to... Continue reading →
Blue Skies & Lollipops

Blue Skies & Lollipops 19 hours ago

Rhythms – Rushed or Rested - My middle son turned 6 last week. After weeks of him counting down the days his birthday party finally arrived. I had been meticulous in fulfilling his dream of a “Thunderbirds are go” themed party, cake included. But in the rush of preparing... Continue reading →
Catalina's Cottage

Catalina's Cottage 19 hours ago

Coffee with my Mr B - This morning I cancelled my work commitments,  dropped the kids off at school and spent time hanging with my Mr B . . . This afternoon I met the kids at school and walked them home in silence not knowing how... Continue reading →

growmama 19 hours ago

Mystery wine - Okay, so which of you wonderful people sent me wine?! Not just any wine, but wonderful Richmond Plains organic wine. Mmmm. LUCKY me! It's a mystery. No note. I do love getting parcels. Funny, this is something I do...send people care... Continue reading →

latteslacedwithgrace 20 hours ago

Touching the Cloak of the King: She Who Shunned Shame - The danger of an iceberg is not what is seen, but what lies beneath. Because what lies beneath is what sinks ships. Isn’t this also true of us? Last weekend I attended a seminar on the topic of shame. I attended... Continue reading →
-The KitchenMaid-

-The KitchenMaid- 20 hours ago

Good things: August 2014 - Last week I got an advertising-type email from a gym that reminded all recipients that 'summer bodies are made in winter'. Reader, I threw it in the rubbish.I don't know about you, but I'm hoping kaftans and elasticated waistbands are... Continue reading →
Blue Skies & Lollipops

Blue Skies & Lollipops 21 hours ago

Choices & Consequences -
My Eaterspot

My Eaterspot 23 hours ago

Raw Vegan Cake ~ A guest post from Louise Alexandra - I am so excited to have a NZ based blogger bring us a recipe today.  She is a food blogger and health coach and if you are on facebook, it will be great if you can LIKE her page ...... Continue reading →

. 23 hours ago

"WHAT’S IN A SCHOOL MOTTO" - When I was a girl at school in Australia we had school mottos. As a five year old we learnt and then would say the motto, "In knowledge we grow", in the weekly school assembly. At high school the school... Continue reading →


Wednesday (Free Day) - Each Wednesday morning I wake up and realise... It's WEDNESDAY!!!!Otherwise known as 'my day' or 'free day'.Cue little dance here...Am I a bad mother for LOVING this precious 5.5 hours to myself?  I think not. Since my first was born... Continue reading →