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My Kids Party

My Kids Party 2 days ago

Left and Right Designs - Christchurch
Romantic Gestures™

Romantic Gestures™ 2 days ago

Step parenting: Two heads are better than one - Step parenting:  Two heads are better than one. Entering an established relationship is not always easy, Russell took his time to get to know my children.  He is a great role model and someone who is kind and considerate.  He... Continue reading →

Munch 2 days ago

The Munch cookbook range – baby and lunchbox - The Munch cookbook range includes the Munch Lunchbox Cookbook and the Munch Seasonal Cookbook for Baby and Family. Here is a little bit about both of these popular books. The Munch cookbook range – Munch Lunchbox The Munch Lunchbox  cookbook is... Continue reading →
Craving Fresh

Craving Fresh 2 days ago

Frugal Fun No. 7 – A weekend away - Frugal Fun is a day late this week as we got back from a weekend away on Sunday night and I spent all of yesterday catching up on the weekend's chores. Here's what I did to save money last week.... Continue reading →
Create Hope Inspire

Create Hope Inspire 2 days ago

Bookish – Be A Unicorn - Hey Stardusts,When I saw the title Be A Unicorn by Sarah Ford I was keen to read it. I have a unicorn lover of my own and they seem to be 'on trend' ;-) these days.Be A Unicorn: & live... Continue reading →
Striking Keys

Striking Keys 2 days ago

Judy Moody and Friends Books 1-3 Omnibus - Judy Moody and Friends: One, Two, Three, Roar! Megan McDonaldMy girls are Judy Moody fans, so when I saw this title come up on Walker's press release (due for release September 12th) I thought, "This would go down well in... Continue reading →
The Parenting Place

The Parenting Place 2 days ago

Five days, countless singalongs and one happy family - A little bit of luxury – Simone Graham puts the new Toyota CHR through its paces, thanks to our partner Toyota. When the opportunity to test-drive a brand new Toyota CHR came up at work, I put my hand up... Continue reading →
My Kids Party

My Kids Party 3 days ago

Around A Bounce Bouncy Castle Hire - Christchurch
The Migrating Swans-Feedburner

The Migrating Swans-Feedburner 3 days ago

Throwback: December 2015 - Last 2015 post right here!  Sarah graduated middle school in December 2015 and it was so strange to think that she'd be going to senior school the next year (her school has 4 years of middle school and 3 years... Continue reading →
Fun With Allergy Kids

Fun With Allergy Kids 3 days ago

Chocolate and Strawberry Terrine - Chocolate and Strawberry Terrine This Chocolate and Strawberry Terrine is dairy free, egg free, gluten free and nut free, and uses aquafaba to replace egg in the sponge.  It has a chocolate sponge base, a layer of chocolate mousse, a... Continue reading →
Striking Keys

Striking Keys 3 days ago

Skip GR Reviews, and just read this space story - The Loneliest Girl in the Universe, Lauren JamesThis book is best enjoyed knowing less.  Read the jacket copy if you must, but no more;Romy Silvers is the only surviving crew-member of a spaceship travelling to a new planet, on a... Continue reading →
The Best Nest

The Best Nest 3 days ago

Five Cook Once, Eat twice Family Meal Ideas - No-one’s got time for endless hours of food prep – at least no one I know.  Or maybe just me.  Either way………saving time in the kitchen allows much more time for other enjoyable pursuits, such as leaving said kitchen and... Continue reading →
Create Hope Inspire

Create Hope Inspire 3 days ago

Making – McCalls M7286 - Hiya friends,The other day a friend came over for the evening once our littles were in bed and we sewed. I recently bought this fabric (yeah, I kind of fell off the 'buy no new fabric' this year) and wanted... Continue reading →
The Parenting Place

The Parenting Place 3 days ago

Language development – what should I expect? - As new parents, it seems we are inundated by things to worry about! Why is he crying? Is he drinking enough? What’s that rash? When will he sleep? How many layers does he need? The list goes on. I remember,... Continue reading →
Happy Mum Happy Child

Happy Mum Happy Child 3 days ago

Criticising Myself -   Criticising Myself It’s terrible, but I criticise myself and my parenting way too much. The other day (in fact right now) I look back on my journey as a parent and I seriously question myself. I look at my... Continue reading →