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The Parenting Place

The Parenting Place 15 hours ago

Three reasons I love my husband more as a dad - Since my husband became a dad, my definition of ‘hot’ has shifted – enormously. Forget washboard abs, a deep husky voice and bulging biceps – my husband is smoking hot when he is being a great dad. Why? Well, I... Continue reading →
Create Hope Inspire

Create Hope Inspire 17 hours ago

McCalls 6614 The Rabbit Hoodie – Retreat Sew - Kia ora,I'm still going strong on my retreat sewing. I found this 'cross-stitched' rabbit fabric in spotlight a while ago. I just adore the slightly crazy vibe of it.I decided to try a new hoodie pattern to change things up... Continue reading →

hollymayb 18 hours ago

My new handbag - Triva for the day: What New Zealanders call a 'hand bag', Americans call a 'purse'.  And what New Zealanders call a 'purse', Americans call a 'wallet'.  And what New Zealanders call a 'wallet', Americans also call a 'wallet.  Ha!Bag reveal!I... Continue reading →
Household Logistics

Household Logistics 22 hours ago

My Backyard Garden: Autumn Plantings & Produce - We have been busy raising the raised garden beds. We felt it would be better if they were higher (less back breaking), and so they have gone from being one sleeper in height to three.This is the first of the... Continue reading →
Romantic Gestures™

Romantic Gestures™ 1 day ago

Avoidable Mistakes Made On First Dates - You walk into the restaurant and glance around nervously, scouring faces until finally you spot your date.  You excitedly join them for a meal or coffee and then talk hopefully about seeing each other again.  You watch your phone for... Continue reading →

City Wrigglers 1 day ago

What’s on this Easter - Easter events have really grown in Wellington over the last couple of years, in fact, you could have a jam-packed weekend of fun without a single egg hunt at your place!  If you’ve got visitors, why not take a head out... Continue reading →


Studying Mum Life - I saw this meme recently:It's not just funny, it's real!  Well ok, not literally.  But that is me.  Theology books on one side, a music player on the other and dare I say it, yes.  I have eaten some junk-all... Continue reading →
Happy Mum Happy Child

Happy Mum Happy Child 1 day ago

Sugar Sugar Everywhere … -   SUGAR SUGAR EVERYWHERE … Sugar, sugar, everywhere; but nobody’s allowed to eat it. What’s up with that? Why aren’t we allowed to say “I give my kid this every now and then” without being informed by people passionate about sugar... Continue reading →

Lisasaurus 1 day ago

Serve Gelato in Europe – With Rosie’s Big OE App -   My kids have been following along on  with Rosie as she traveled the world on her big OE.   Rosie takes her job as the DairyNZ cowbassador quite seriously and she is on to a winner with her new... Continue reading →
My Other Name Is Mum

My Other Name Is Mum 1 day ago

Rosie’s World – Join in the Fun with her new OE Game - Bringing kids up in today’s world is challenging, especially when it comes to the ever-evolving world of technology. I let my kids (well the one who is old enough to) watch TV, and play on devices from time to time... Continue reading →
my walk with food and beautiful plants and flowers

my walk with food and beautiful plants and flowers 1 day ago

Fundraising for Starship - https://www.starship.org.nz/foundation The Starship Foundation is a social-profit organisation that raises funds so Starship Children's Health can better care for its young patients. The Starship Foundation's vision is to create meaningful and magical opportunities that enrich the health of every young... Continue reading →
LDM – La Donna Moderna

LDM – La Donna Moderna 1 day ago

If I had A Daughter | Sponsored Post - document.write(''); I believe you never stop learning. My life has been a series of incredible moments and some pretty challenging heart wrenching life experiences.  Now, even through the other side of marriage and missing out on having a family of... Continue reading →
Crazy K.A.L.M

Crazy K.A.L.M 1 day ago

The Du Lac Chronicles – Mary Anne Yarde - I received a copy of the Du Lac Chronicles after signing up to review the second book in the series. Thank goodness I did. This is a great series and while I'm sure that the Du Lac Devil could be... Continue reading →

Crazy Mother Crafter By Robin Ronowicz 1 day ago

What About Socialisation? How Will Your Homeschooled Child Make Friends? - This is normally one of the first questions that I get asked by people when I say that I homeschool, especially because our daughter is an only child. How will she make friends? Won't she be lonely? What about social... Continue reading →
Kiwi Cakes

Kiwi Cakes 1 day ago

Cake decorating and cruising on the Pacific Jewel ship with P&O Cruises… what could be better - Cake decorating and cruising on the Pacific Jewel ship with P&O Cruises... what could be better?Sandra from Kiwicakes will be demonstrating and teaching as part of a P&O Cruises "Sea Break" cruise leaving Auckland Friday 29th September and returning to Auckland Monday 2nd... Continue reading →