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Comments for 2 days ago

Comment on Underwater Camera FUN. by It’s Friday and that means sharing your FAV. – - […] I have been embracing time in the pool with my kids, because Jacob is under 6 I have to swim with him. (If you want info on my affordable underwater camera click here for the details) […]
Happy Mum Happy Child

Happy Mum Happy Child 2 days ago

Friday Favourites: The One About Depression - Friday Favourites: The One About Depression I had a bit of a down week this week, well certainly at the start of it. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and I double my post-natal depression medication. It has... Continue reading →
Bath & Potty Time Blog

Bath & Potty Time Blog 2 days ago

Our Journey With Faecal Incontinence (Encopresis) - This guest post comes from a kiwi mum on an ongoing journey with her son's Encopresis. Her account is real, raw and emotional to her family as they continue toward success. We hope her honesty will help other families to... Continue reading →
Beautiful Crazy Faith

Beautiful Crazy Faith 2 days ago

August Anecdotes Day 26 – A Precious Gift - Last night as many of you know I finished breastfeeding after ten years (when you count up all the months and add them together).  It was a momentous occasion for me. Flick back through to yesterdays blog and have a... Continue reading →
Thus and Therefore

Thus and Therefore 2 days ago

Child see, child do. - I hate being shown up, especially when I’d been sure what I was doing was justified. But an imitating preschooler will demonstrate things with a clarity that adult introspection doesn’t touch. I hadn’t been looking for a self-flagellation opportunity when... Continue reading →
Chocolate Goose

Chocolate Goose 2 days ago

New Section – Book Reviews - I love reading. I always have. It is a wonderful gift that so many miss out on due to circumstances beyond their control, be they financial, physical or geographical. As a child it was my way of disappearing into adventures, friendships and... Continue reading →
Fern P

Fern P 2 days ago

Sorting Sh*t Out – Day Three - Finishing Up the Ensuite I think the cleaning and sorting bug has well and truly taken over, because today I tackled two projects: The ensuite bathroom drawers and the ensuite bathroom shower. I will probably have to make an effort... Continue reading →
The Beauty Foodie

The Beauty Foodie 2 days ago

Mulled Wine Recipe - Check out that retro heater and those retro glasses. This winter will go down as the winter of mulled wine for us. I’ve been obsessed – both with the taste and the cooking smell that fills the kitchen. If we get... Continue reading →
Works in Progress

Works in Progress 2 days ago

Don’t settle for comfortable…. - Recently I asked a dear friend if they were happy, and they told me they were comfortable! I felt so sad for them because I believe they are short changing themselves. Life is so much more than comfortable. There is... Continue reading →
Craving Fresh

Craving Fresh 2 days ago

Updates from around our house and garden - My sister-in-law, Kim, saw my gardening post last week and was so happy I'm finally getting my own garden, she surprised me with money to buy more plants as an early Birthday present. She knows how important it is to... Continue reading →

Sweetashoney 2 days ago

My Clean Bakery Cookbook PRESALE begins ! 80 Healthy & Wholesome Baking Recipes - It took me hours to find the right words to start writing this post. I wrote. I erase. I think the power of words are not enough today to describe my emotion. Usually writing is pretty easy to me. Words... Continue reading →
AMummysLife NZ

AMummysLife NZ 2 days ago

3 Ingredient Cheesecake - A couple of weeks ago I found a recipe for an easy 3 ingredient cheesecake on facebook. I decided to give it a try and share my thoughts about it with you.
Comments for

Comments for 2 days ago

Comment on About success by A definition of success. – - […] I have shared previously my feelings that I just want to run in the direction of what feels most fulfilling and meaningful to me, and I don’t think there’s a more honest way for me to describe how I... Continue reading →
Mia Bella Passions

Mia Bella Passions 2 days ago

Mini Desert Gardens… - This is one of those 'oh so cute, but let's put up a 'danger' sign' kind of projects.I'm a cactus and succulent lover, so this quirky desert style mini garden is just my thing.To create you will need:3 x small glass bowls (I... Continue reading →
Travelling with Ana

Travelling with Ana 2 days ago

Homework bags - For homework tonight I had to pick 5 things to represent me and my family which I will present to my class so we can learn more about each other. My five things: 1) our national flags; 2) a picture... Continue reading →