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One Passion One Devotion

One Passion One Devotion 12 hours ago

Wake Me Up Inside - At the start of the year when I said yes to being the youth pastor here there were 3 things that scared me…. Driving the van Feeding 30+ people at camp or on a Friday night Camping over at church during... Continue reading →
Happy Mum Happy Child

Happy Mum Happy Child 13 hours ago

Coffee and Poop - As a Mum, talking about poop has become more and more normal.  And I’d like that to continue as my life progresses because, well, everybody poops! Check out these awesome 5 facts about coffee and poop … fascinating! This image... Continue reading →
LDM - La Donna Moderna

LDM - La Donna Moderna 14 hours ago

Featured Blogger | Great Fun 4 Kids - I first met this week’s blogger about 3 years ago at a blogging event and thought it was rather cool to meet another mum designing kids parties, but unlike me she clearly LOVES throwing the parties as well!! Blog: GREAT FUN... Continue reading →
Travelling with Ana

Travelling with Ana 18 hours ago

Beignets and a buggy ride - First stop, the famous Cafe Du Monde For beignets and coffee We reckon we had the be st seat in the house, right by Robert Harris and his busking band After breakfast we met a Mule named Sugar. She invited... Continue reading →
The Beauty Foodie

The Beauty Foodie 21 hours ago

Lou Loves – July Favourites - This monthly round-up of beauty and foodie goodness is overdue, did anyone notice I didn’t do one last month? I had my hands full and I just couldn’t get laptop time!  Sorry folks. I hope this one makes up for... Continue reading →
Blue Skies & Lollipops

Blue Skies & Lollipops 21 hours ago

A Lesson from Coffee -     It would be fair to say that Ponsonby is coffee central when it comes to living in Auckland. Based on my recent working in this delightful suburb and the frequent coffees that miraculously appeared throughout the day from varying cafes... Continue reading →
All in the Daze

All in the Daze 21 hours ago

Deep and Meaningful at The Food Show. - Because I got to fake wash my phone in a beautiful fake kitchen sink in a cardboard kitchen?  seriously.  I’m an idiot. I know a lot of bloggers will be pumping out posts about all the amazing kiosks that were... Continue reading →
Comments for Sacraparental

Comments for Sacraparental 22 hours ago

Comment on Gentle Parenting Tips: 26 Things to Say to Kids Instead of ‘Stop’, ‘Don’t’ and Other Commands by thaliakr - Great reminder about getting to eye level, Ann – that can be so important, eh. And the power of the buzzer! Yes!
Monkey Trail

Monkey Trail 22 hours ago

Spizoo Discount - Spizoo Discount Get 50% off Spizoo for 1 Month and 67% off for 1 Year Spizoo is professionally suited to make your membership something of a real breathtaking expedition that brings high quality images, HD porn, high standards of beauty from the... Continue reading →
Jo Lene Mahon

Jo Lene Mahon 23 hours ago

Auckland Food Show 2015 - The long awaited for Auckland Food Show started today, and I have to say that I'm really glad I went on the Preview Day. The show officially started at 10am, and by the time I arrived at 10.40am, the car-park... Continue reading →
Sweet Mama M

Sweet Mama M 23 hours ago

I Read A Lot: “The Predictions” by Bianca Zander - If you were told what your future would hold, would you let it govern the decisions that you made? How much of prophecy is self-fulfilling? These questions and more make up the beautifully woven story of the novel The Predictions by... Continue reading →

Sacraparental 23 hours ago

Gentle Parenting Tips: 26 Things to Say to Kids Instead of ‘Stop’, ‘Don’t’ and Other Commands - Gentle parenting? I have a love/hate relationship with labels and jargon, in any field. I don’t like being put in a labelled box – who does? – but in a vast, Googleable world, knowing what keyword fits your life situation can... Continue reading →

craftykin 23 hours ago

Rocks for Liam’s collection - And one for mine...Look at that perfect heart.(Sorry about the slight fuzziness of my photos, it seems like my focus on my camera is not working all of a sudden - may be an excuse to get a new camera?! ooooh!)He... Continue reading →
NZ Ecochick

NZ Ecochick 23 hours ago

Veggie muffins - John has bean at school for 3 weeks now (WOW) and I’m finding it a bit of a struggle to get him to eat his lunch. It’s not that he doesn’t like the food it’s that he wants to go... Continue reading →
The one in a million baby

The one in a million baby 24 hours ago

So many cables! - The mixer is here! And after hooking it up and looking at it...