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pumpkinsintrees 1 day ago

3 “sweet” ideas with Gerry’s Wraps - I found Gerry's Gluten free wraps a while ago and have been eating them ever since! They are convenient, keep really well, and are super versatile.I use the large ones as pizza bases, the medium sized ones as wraps for lunches and... Continue reading →

growmama 1 day ago

summer shoes - My favourite shoes this summer. I had been eyeing some Saltwater sandals online but they were way too much money for me to justify buying them. The next day I was at a school fair and there was a pair,... Continue reading →
Amy Nicole McLean

Amy Nicole McLean 1 day ago

Did the Neighbours Hear That? - Do you ever stop and think, while you’re standing their yelling at your kids to stop slamming the door for the hundredth time in a row, shit – did the neighbours hear that? Or when your two toddlers are having... Continue reading →
Nina Makes

Nina Makes 1 day ago

Baby Nappy & Wipes Travel Pouch - This gorgeous little Baby Nappy & Wipes Travel Pouch will fit into your regular handbag for those short trips. When my two were still little I used to drag around a rather large baby bag (diaper bag) everywhere we went.... Continue reading →
Angie Noll

Angie Noll 1 day ago

The Freedom of Imperfection -   The Freedom Of Imperfection   Written by: Angie Noll As I meditated this morning, a fly kept landing on me. I found myself twitching and squirming and becoming increasingly irritated. In between flicking the fly away and repositioning my... Continue reading →
The One in a Million Baby

The One in a Million Baby 1 day ago

Two years since she died - It’s hard to believe it has been almost 2 years since Eva died. Eva was only here for 10 and a half months, less than half the time she has already been gone, but I will feel her loss and... Continue reading →

Lulastic and the Hippyshake 1 day ago

YOU HAVE GOT TO READ THIS! (Me, you and clickbait) - It has been so long since I blurted out a few of there things spinning around in my brain,… The post YOU HAVE GOT TO READ THIS! (Me, you and clickbait) appeared first on Lulastic and the Hippyshake.
My Kids Lick The Bowl

My Kids Lick The Bowl 1 day ago

Avocado Banana Muffins - Many of my recipes are on the savoury side of things. But I do have kiddos who love sweet treats too, well one especially. I also have tonnes of avocados at the moment. So I have been playing around with... Continue reading →

Lisasaurus 2 days ago

The Media and Fat people - I am so annoyed at fat people getting Vilified in the media. An article came out about how Farmers most popular size sold is now a size 18. I read some commentary from some dick saying …. “oh why should... Continue reading →

Muffin-mum 2 days ago

Comes and Goes- Shut Me Up - Sorry, this photograph has to be big. Just look at that. The Nest- Pumpkin seed crumbed soft boiled egg , filo pastry nest , beetroot ketchup, feta and mesclun salad.   This is not something I normally say but, I... Continue reading →
The Parenting Place

The Parenting Place 2 days ago

My invisible friend Pickabob - Growing up, until I was five anyway, my family and I lived in a small two-story unit in Colorado. My mum stayed home with me, and my dad was a police officer who worked crazy hours. Picture this – dark... Continue reading →
Bath & Potty Time Blog

Bath & Potty Time Blog 2 days ago

The One Universal Rule of Potty Training - Across all the parents I help with potty training, there is one thing I find myself saying to every single one. And in all my research and reading about potty training, as well as all my chats with parents and... Continue reading →
Crazy K.A.L.M

Crazy K.A.L.M 2 days ago

A Burning Touch – Patricia Ryan - A Burning Touch is book three in the Hot City Nights series by Patricia Ryan. This series is a group of books all set in the city, but that aren't actually connected, so can all be read as stand alone... Continue reading →
Wendy's quilts and more

Wendy's quilts and more 2 days ago

The TOWRAGS quilt show - Well, I only got to go to one quilt show after all.  The Stonestead Outdoor Quilt Festival on Sunday had to be cancelled again due to poor weather.  I hope they have better luck next year.Fortunately the TOWRAGS quilt show... Continue reading →
Teacher by trade, Mother by nature

Teacher by trade, Mother by nature 2 days ago

KONMARI WITH KIDS: BOOKS - Welcome to my new series: 'KonMari With Kids'. Last week I shared how I KonMari'd my kids clothes - Baby, Toddler and Tween. You can read all about it HERE. If you have just joined me - WELCOME - I recently... Continue reading →