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Duck Egg Blue

Duck Egg Blue 15 hours ago

Merry Christmas and a bit more - I feel a bit of a fraud – writing on my own blog, after ignoring it for so long! But I do have to check in and say Merry Christmas and thanks for being here. And in case you get... Continue reading →
about last weekend

about last weekend 15 hours ago

Good Old Clear Out. - Just finished an article about the purge before the New Year and thought heck - best take some of my own advice and give away clothes I hadn't worn in a year. Also out goes dresses too short for the... Continue reading →
Abbie's Babble

Abbie's Babble 15 hours ago

Just a thought - As I’m jounaling these are the words that come to me: I live in my identity as a daughter of the Almighty King. I  am a princess. His love, grace and mercy cover me as I walk in the plan... Continue reading →
Create Hope Inspire

Create Hope Inspire 16 hours ago

The Things Art Says - I am a great believer in the ability of art and the arts, to tell us stories, to lead us into new depths of understanding and to challenge us.A good piece of 'art' (and by that I mean anything in... Continue reading →
Teacher by trade - Mother by nature

Teacher by trade - Mother by nature 17 hours ago

Kids Parties: Frozen - Have you got a FROZEN fan in your house?Check out this amazing Frozen-themed birthday party created on a budget. Recently, my friend Sheree shared photos from her daughters A-MAZING Frozen-themed birthday party. She kindly emailed me the details and photos of how she put it all... Continue reading →
UK to New Zealand - The Brunts Big Move

UK to New Zealand - The Brunts Big Move 17 hours ago

A brief taste of summer! - The kids have stopped sleeping. We have intermittent and frequent tears over nothing. They are unable to concentrate on anything for longer than ten minutes. Therefore it must be nearly Christmas!I am sure I was not like this as a... Continue reading →
A little moment

A little moment 18 hours ago

5 on Friday – Christmas Eve Books -   We’ve just discovered a wonderful tradition in Iceland. Everyone must receive at least one book for Christmas to take to bed on Christmas Eve – along with some chocolates. Here’s five books to start a tradition at your place.... Continue reading →
One Passion One Devotion

One Passion One Devotion 19 hours ago

Celebrating SAS -   2014 definitely ranks as one of the best years of my life.  in part it is to these wonderful guys and gals above in the photo – The SAS (Set Apart School) Students and pastors.  Set Apart has been... Continue reading →
Simply Earnest

Simply Earnest 19 hours ago

Simple Christmas Snowflake Table Runner - I love to set the table for Christmas a few days before. I know... it's strange! But it really adds to the anticipation of Christmas and it also means that it is one less thing to do on Christmas Day.... Continue reading →
All in the Daze

All in the Daze 19 hours ago

Lets Go!! Karaka Lakes Christmas Lights -   Christmas in Auckland just wouldn’t be Christmas without the stunning array of decorative lights that adorn the streets throughout the festive season.  As a Family with light obsessed children we seek out these neighborhoods that embrace there Christmas Spirits... Continue reading →
The Maybe Diaries

The Maybe Diaries 19 hours ago

Are you STILL Breastfeeding? - I’m part of a freaky club full of women who breastfeed their adult children.Only kidding, she’s 18 months and she can’t even talk yet, but as far as a large segment of the population is concerned, same difference.Considering my previous... Continue reading →
South Sea Island Home

South Sea Island Home 20 hours ago

Feeling Helpless In The Face of Such Evil - Caution: Some of the external links contain graphic images.Do you feel a little bit guilty this Christmas? I have been feeling that way.I felt guilty that I was out shopping for material possessions for my children while the heads of... Continue reading →
New Zealand It Is Then!

New Zealand It Is Then! 21 hours ago

"That" children’s song - Okay, so this is probably going to be the most confusing beginning to a blog post in a long, long while but...In Estonian there's a word - an "unofficial" word, meaning, you probably wouldn't find it in a dictionary -... Continue reading →
Munch Cooking

Munch Cooking 21 hours ago

Nigella Lawson inspired quick chocolate Christmas cake - In this post we share a simple Christmas cake which doesn’t need to be made months in advance. You could knock this up this weekend in time for Christmas. This recipe was inspired by Nigella Lawson’s quick chocolate Christmas cake  recipe.... Continue reading →
Big Little

Big Little 21 hours ago

Fleur – A Big Little Doll Tour – Day 3 - Today's stop in the Doll Tour is at Leanne's place!  Leanne probably doesn't need much introduction as you have probably already read her blog over at Paper Moon Living.  If you haven't, now is a great time as it is such... Continue reading →