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Lulastic and the Hippyshake 15 hours ago

if we could give you a welcome - We’re grieving for you and it’s not enough Our tears spill as we type our name our post code… The post if we could give you a welcome appeared first on Lulastic and the Hippyshake.
Happy Talk

Happy Talk 16 hours ago

PoshSoiree – Custom Party Decor - ***Sponsored Post*** I love supporting “mommy entrepreneurs” and this is just the case with this business.  It isn’t easy staying at home with baby and trying to run a side business at the same time. Some days are just so... Continue reading →
my walk with food and beautiful plants and flowers

my walk with food and beautiful plants and flowers 24 hours ago

Ginseng Jawa (Talinum paniculatum gaertn.) - Ginseng Jawa (Talinum paniculatum gaertn.) surprised to see this in my friends garden in Auckland. Growing wild. They grew wild in my Singapore garden. I picked the flowers as cut flowers, but they drop off in a day. My aunty... Continue reading →
Comments for Sacraparental

Comments for Sacraparental 1 day ago

Comment on Burma in Auckland [Guest] by michelle MacManus - hi, I would love to be able to help any refugee families settle into nz, we have 3 young children so lots of hand me down clothing up for grabs, and any other support they need
Teacher by trade Mother by nature

Teacher by trade Mother by nature 1 day ago

Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Toddlers - Stuck for Father's Day ideas from your toddler?Father's Day is on this Sunday (September 6th) for us, here in New Zealand and Australia, so I thought I would share a few favourite creations I found circulating around the blogosphere. I... Continue reading →
the golden adventures of...

the golden adventures of... 1 day ago

Just Now - I'm embracing the crazy of Term Three (I mean, what choice do I have..?), but it has definitely reflected in the quiet posting around here.   We are down to the last three weeks (whaaaaat?!), so I thought it was... Continue reading →
Made with my two hands

Made with my two hands 1 day ago

Family Food Friday – Mac’n'Cheese - This is what Family Food Friday is about. Cooking quick, healthy meals that pack in more veges, taste delicious and reduce waste. When using a cauliflower do you throw out all these leaves that surround the white part? Not in... Continue reading →
Mermaid's Purse

Mermaid's Purse 1 day ago

Simplicity 6220 – from a vintage curtain - Slowly getting on and finishing off projects that have been abandoned for sometime, this one has been in the project pile for a couple of...
my darling lemon thyme

my darling lemon thyme 1 day ago

Little lemon + lavender cakes {Gluten-free} + news! - I had some pretty scary complications at the start of my first pregnancy. Complications which required weekly blood tests to ensure the baby was developing as it should. I was freaked out to say the least, but the hardest part... Continue reading →
Happy Talk

Happy Talk 1 day ago

GraduateX Learning – Lifelong Education - ***SPONSORED POST*** Education is an ongoing ongoing thing!!! It never ceases to amaze me how much one can learn and NOT learn if they so choose. Many do say ignorance is bliss and it’s true until you learn it and... Continue reading →
tiny happy

tiny happy 1 day ago

planting seeds - It's nice to be back in the blogging spirit. I'm not sure what happened over the past month - I suddenly couldn't bring myself to find the camera, think of what to write, or even log in here at my... Continue reading →
The Errant Parent

The Errant Parent 1 day ago

10 Things I’ll Do as a New Mother - I get to musing about things after a long day; perhaps the musings I find most a-musing (aha) are the musings regarding my utterly ridiculous, naive, not-a-clue-in-the-world thought process I once had about what kind of parent I would be.... Continue reading →
Great Fun etc

Great Fun etc 1 day ago

Um, hi. I’m back. - Hello, hello.This is not really a post. It's more like a disclaimer.I am back in the country, returned from my sojourning and adventuring.There are a gazillion photos and stories galore, which I will get to. But right now I am... Continue reading →
Diary of a bereaved mother,  丧儿记,: 丧失儿子的母亲的一本传记

Diary of a bereaved mother, 丧儿记,: 丧失儿子的母亲的一本传记 1 day ago

Keanu and grief - in 1998, Keanu meets Jennifer Syme. The two fell in love and by 1999 she was pregnant with his daughter. But the tragedy continued when at eight-months pregnant their child was stillborn. The two were torn apart by the death... Continue reading →
The Forever Years

The Forever Years 1 day ago

Our Operation Christmas Child Packing Night, by Kirsteen McLay-Knopp -   Last Saturday night we joined with three other families and hosted an Operation Christmas Child Packing Evening (and potluck dinner).  I was so pleased with how the evening went that I wanted to share some thoughts on it, which... Continue reading →