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The motherhood project

The motherhood project 22 hours ago

Recipes: Broccoli and orange salad & rice paper rolls - We’ve done two recipes for other blogs, and thought you may like to check them out!     We’ve been making these yummy rice paper rolls and they are a real hit with the kids if I chop the vegetables... Continue reading →

whimsy 23 hours ago

milk bottle butterflies - I came across these recently and knew ours would enjoy making them. They're drawn on the sides of milk bottles with vivids. We used magnets on teh back but thought eh mobile idea on the link was a good one.Here's... Continue reading →
Travelling with Ana

Travelling with Ana 1 day ago

Canvas paintings for our art auction - At the office this week we painted little canvas art works. We auctioned them off for charity. Mum ‘won’ both of our pictures!  (Mine is titled ‘magic garden’) We’re both thrilled we got them because were really proud of our... Continue reading →
Money Can Buy Me Happiness

Money Can Buy Me Happiness 1 day ago

How We Afford to Travel With Our Child - My son turns 3 this year. By that time he will have spent over half of his life outside his country of citizenship. In 2012 when he was four months old we headed off to Ireland, Mexico and the USA.... Continue reading →
Chocolate Goose

Chocolate Goose 1 day ago

Chocolate Easter Tart and New Beginnings - With Easter just around the corner I thought I’d better get myself into gear and share a few ideas with you. For many Easter is a long weekend filled with chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate, but it represents so much more... Continue reading →
Big Little

Big Little 1 day ago

Off to Alaska! - Remember back here when I had a mountain of  half finished "makes" on the table?  Well I forgot to share with you this completed pile of lovely wintry goodies which is winging it's way to Alaska for a photo shoot!I'm... Continue reading →
  {  Genesis found   x o x o  }

{ Genesis found x o x o } 2 days ago

Noel JOY forever perfect at 14weeks - Loosing a baby is hard.I had the privilege of being the cocoon for our little Thumbelina who we called "Noel Joy" for 14 weeks.  I called her Noel because she got to spend her first Christmas with Jesus. She was... Continue reading →

latteslacedwithgrace 2 days ago

‘Women Are Scary: The Totally Awkward Adventure of Finding Mom Friends’ – A Book Review - ‘Get out there all you geeks and weirdos. The world is waiting and you are fabulous.’ Ever found yourself making awkward small talk with other mothers at the park? Well this book really was a breath of fresh air. Friendships... Continue reading →
Have kids, they said. It'll be fun, they said.

Have kids, they said. It'll be fun, they said. 2 days ago

The Fantastic T’s Go On Holiday! - Holiday! Yay! After months of hard work, savings and planning, the time finally came – we were going on holiday! Oh, wow – it was going to be so much fun! The bags were packed and we were on our... Continue reading →
Teacher by trade - Mother by nature

Teacher by trade - Mother by nature 2 days ago

DIY: Super Cute Easter Bunnies Craft - The idea was inspired by this picture (original image credit: unknown) and so I thought it would be a cute craft to do with my Coffee Group - it also doubles up as a keepsake of your child's footprints.  Here is... Continue reading →
Paper Moon

Paper Moon 2 days ago

The Bachelor NZ – Eps 3 and 4 - Four episodes down and it's fair to say that I am obsessed with the show. I'm not even sorry.It's also fair to say that TV3 are keen to drag this thing out for as long as possible, with just one... Continue reading →


Thrifty Food: 3 Unmissable and Alternative Recipes for Hot Cross Buns - I am trying to get better and better at ritual in our family life- using activities and crafts and songs and things to mark the seasons/ mark meaningfullness. (We actually even have a ritual – lighting a candle- about brushing... Continue reading →
Miss Lucys Ladybug

Miss Lucys Ladybug 2 days ago

It’s frocktastic friday - Welcome to frocktastic friday. I love this weeks dress, it’s just so pretty! It’s the Dyann flower pot dress from Retrospec’d. I just love the red flowers and the crisp white background     I thought we could pair it... Continue reading →
Mi Vida Contigo

Mi Vida Contigo 2 days ago

4 years - Dear Mika, It feels like there are so many less big milestones and more just like a fine-tuning of your understanding of the world. And it is so delightful to witness and such a pleasure to be your mama. Pink... Continue reading →
Hoopla Kids

Hoopla Kids 2 days ago

Rhubarb - Down the back of our wild and neglected garden there lies our rhubarb patch. I ventured past the overgrown raspberries and vegetables today to look for strawberries but to my surprise found my rhubarb oh so prolific.    I harvested... Continue reading →