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themigratingswans 3 days ago

August 2018 Little Things - Oh my, I seem to have published my September 2018 Little Things post before I'd put my August 2018 Little Things post up. *gasp* But I don't think anyone noticed, so I'll carry on as if nothing is amiss. Hah!... Continue reading →

luluslists 3 days ago

Glass class - Whanganui is home to over 400 resident artists, and hosts over 15 galleries. Whanganui’s dynamic art scene includes photography, painting, pottery, sculptures, textiles and glass. One of these outstanding contributors is glass artist David Traub. I was quick to book... Continue reading →

Amaorican 4 days ago

Roses in bloom. - This was one of the last photos I took of Larry. I'm sure I've mentioned that before, but we know when we're nearing the date of his death - despite it being etched forever in our minds - at the... Continue reading →
Crazy K.A.L.M

Crazy K.A.L.M 4 days ago

Apple of My Eye by Claire Allan - Apple of My EyeJust how far is a mother willing to go?When a mysterious note arrives for seven months pregnant nurse Eliana Hughes, she begins to doubt every aspect of her life – from her mixed feelings about motherhood to... Continue reading →

Tania's posts - Tidying with Tania 4 days ago

How I organise my Kitchen drawers - We all know that the Pantry and the fridge are the king of the kitchen when it comes to storage and organisation and always get the most attention especially when it comes to social media!!! Have you seen some of... Continue reading →
Wendy's Quilts and More

Wendy's Quilts and More 5 days ago

Too many WIPs - I feel surrounded by WIPs at the moment.  I know I should prioritise and finish one or two, but I keep dipping in and out and nothing is getting finished. Here's a few of the things I'm working on at the... Continue reading →

Ditch The Carbs 5 days ago

21 Low-Carb Holiday Recipes You’ll LOVE! - Year after year, we hear about the derailment of diets because of the holidays. Well, that doesn’t need to be the case at all. These 21 low-carb holiday recipes will keep you on track, while still enjoying the holiday family... Continue reading →

growmama 5 days ago

Flashback Friday: seven years ago - Flashback alert. One of my favourite places online had a thread about the times we'd lost our kid/s.Okaaaay, so out of context, that sounds terrible but let me just say, for those of you who aren't parents or haven't spent any... Continue reading →
The Best Nest

The Best Nest 6 days ago

Our Modern Family and a Life Lived Online……….some of the time! - The Best Nest Blog turned 11 years old in October (that’s pretty much a century in blogger years lol) and, I must give credit where credit’s due.  By very definition, my blog wouldn’t be beaming its way around the world... Continue reading →
Crazy K.A.L.M

Crazy K.A.L.M 6 days ago

The Division Bell Mystery – Ellen Wilkinson - The Division Bell Mystery by Ellen WilkinsonMy rating: 4 of 5 starsI do enjoy a good murder mystery and when I came across the opportunity to read and review a novel from the golden age of murder mysteries. My knowledge... Continue reading →
Happy Mum Happy Child

Happy Mum Happy Child 6 days ago

Our Renovations – PAINTING - After removing all of the GIB, insulating, creating a new window, putting the new GIB up, sanding down the windows and basically getting the whole lounge prepped … it was time for us to paint it. CHOOSING THE PAINT One... Continue reading →
My Kids Lick The Bowl

My Kids Lick The Bowl 6 days ago

Easy Pea Pesto – 3 Ways – Pasta, Dip, Spread - Peas, more specifically Pea Pesto! It’s super easy, super versatile and economical too! Oh and did I mention healthy, it’s also healthy. Peas are high in fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals, and so are the frozen versions, such a win!... Continue reading →
One Passion One Devotion

One Passion One Devotion 7 days ago

Hit that little bell! - Who here watches youtubers.  We have a few that play regularly at our house… pat and jen… crainer and thea… various minecraft youtubers and every youtuber has this thing they do…. Subscribe like comment Hit that little bell    ... Continue reading →
Emily Writes

Emily Writes 7 days ago

Sponsored attempts at adulthood - Quite often, around 2am usually, I think to myself “I really need to grow up”. At various points of my life I’ve basically thought – Am I an adult yet? I mean I’m 32. With two kids. So... Read More
The KitchenMaid

The KitchenMaid 7 days ago

Common household biscuits & slices of new zealand - Are you a ‘lickalda jamoffit’ kind of person? Or do you prefer a ‘picquanacium fuchsia’ to brighten up your morning tea break? Either way, I wager that you’ll be delighted by the new tea towel and poster edition of Common... Continue reading →