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Latest Blog Posts

Tammy Roses

Tammy Roses 8 hours ago

Foodie Friday… Peanut Brownies - These have been a favourite of mine since I was young. I remember sitting on the kitchen bench at my Nana and Poppa's house, while my Poppa and I baked. These were one of the delicious specialities.They're so easy and... Continue reading →
The EaterSpot

The EaterSpot 8 hours ago

Pesto Potatoes - Hope your week has been fabulous! Can you believe it is the end of October. It’s been a great month of celebration with lots of wonderful giveaways! If you are following The Eaterspot on Facebook, it has been quite busy... Continue reading →
Creating My Reality

Creating My Reality 8 hours ago

Happy Halloween! - Happy Halloween y’all! What are you getting up to today? I bought that blue mask and went around scaring everyone in the house thinking I was hilarious. Hope you’re having fun too.
Kiwi Cakes

Kiwi Cakes 9 hours ago

National cake decorators come to town November 2014 - November 7th and 8th the New Zealand Cake Decorators guild will be holding there national conference here in Whangarei (it alternates each year between North Island & South Island and is held every November). This is the first time Whangarei... Continue reading →

whimsy 9 hours ago

a doll - I've been making a doll for a friend's little girl at Christmas. I had the clothes made by this clever lady as I have no idea how to do that. I watched a YouTube clip on how to make dolls... Continue reading →
Always Made With Love

Always Made With Love 9 hours ago

Bubba Bites – Muesli Teething Biscuits - I first made these tasty little morsels for Sebastian back when he started teething, so about seven months ago and made batches of them as they store really well. Recently I haven’t had any in the cupboard as he was getting... Continue reading →
New Zealand It Is Then!

New Zealand It Is Then! 11 hours ago

On saunas and breast cancer - Another "breakfast post" of blogging. I wonder if I can knock it off before The Kid has finished his porridge? I already have finished mine!An unrelated thought: those of you who also switch between two (or more) different languages on... Continue reading →
One Passion One Devotion

One Passion One Devotion 11 hours ago

Frame Your World – The Fearless Experiment - Let there be light, and there was. God continues to speak and continues to create in our lives. Our world is still being created by the power of God’s Words. And as image bearers of God, our words have power... Continue reading →
the adventures of MNMs

the adventures of MNMs 12 hours ago

One out of the box {a day at Lake Rotoiti, Nelson Lakes} - We were never planning on going as far afield as Lake Rotoiti and the Nelson Lakes on our trip – we thought it would be a bit much to attempt for a day trip, but our friends Judith and Hamish had convinced us... Continue reading →
Kiwi Soup

Kiwi Soup 12 hours ago

Jess Santorik’s Surfboard Carving - Jess is super talented, not only in her chosen artform surfboard carving, but she’s also a very skilled surfer.  Having lived in Raglan all her life Jess has been surfing since a very young age and has clocked up plenty... Continue reading →
Christchurch Mums

Christchurch Mums 17 hours ago

Christchurch Kids // 31 October – 9 November - Sign up and have these additional events come straight to your inbox! **It’s always best to check online or by phone to confirm these activities.   The week ahead…   Light Party 31st October // 5:30pm  // St Albans Baptist Church A... Continue reading →

Mymumdom 18 hours ago

How Do You Do Halloween? - Tomorrow is Halloween. If you did not know this, then you must either be child-free or live in the middle of nowhere. Whether or not you celebrate Halloween may depend on the ages of your children, the neighborhood you live in,... Continue reading →
The Tartankiwi

The Tartankiwi 18 hours ago

Editing Elephants- A Pattern Release - Some patterns take longer to release than others.The concept for this block sprung into my mind one day. I could see it really really clearly. The design was complete and the basic design has stayed the same since day one. There were... Continue reading →
My Lucky Stars

My Lucky Stars 18 hours ago

Halloween disasters - Happy Halloween everyone! Here’s a funny clip from Jimmy Fallon, when he was hosting Late Night – an oldie but a goodie.
mummy do it

mummy do it 21 hours ago

How to keep the duvet in place -   Do you have a battle keeping your duvet in the cover? Does it end up in a heap at the bottom of the duvet cover? Mine did. I would get into bed and pull up the covers and find... Continue reading →