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I LOVE YOUR BLOG – Summer Giveaway!


Summer is coming, no really, it is!

It’s just around the corner and to celebrate KMB wants to say thank-you to our lovely bloggers for an awesome first year online. We’re giving out some fun prizes to spotlight some of the blogs that you’ve found awesome to have in this little kiwi corner of the internet.

This is not a popularity contest, it’s not a contest at all*. We want to hear from you about how a certain kiwi mummy blog or blogger has touched or affected your life. Sounds cheesey? OH YES! The cheesier the better!

We know you’ve met some lovely ladies through KMB and have enjoyed reading along with their life stories. Some of you can’t help but visit a good list of KMB’s each day to get your fix and we want you to tell us who they are and why you LOVE them so much.

We want to showcase snippets of the lovely comments we receive to encourage everyone to keep blogging so well and to treat some of these fantastic mums with some lovely prizes. We already have some awesome goodies to give away and are always looking for more (the more the merrier, email me to donate!) Thanks to; Frank & Dean Stationery, Annie Blackberry Jewellery, Li’l Magoolie, homemade goodies from PaisleyJade, MakeItGiveIt, The WardrobeYopies Store, and Deb @ Work in Progress. PLUS Cookbooks from Random House and more!

Here’s just a handful of the lovely prizes you or the blog/blogger you love could win:

Show me some blog love…

Simply comment below or email me with your favourite blogs or bloggers and give a brief description of why you LOVE them so much. Easy as, do it! Help that blogger you’ve been drooling over ever since you stumbled upon her in our blog roll get a treat for all her hard work… you just might win a prize too!

Thanks for the awesome year everyone!


Giveaway will be drawn and winners announced December 2010, prizes sent out January 2011 – cos we all know how annoying the post is around Christmas! Check back here for more updates.

* This is all a bit of fun and to show our fellow bloggers some love. Prizes will be given out at random and for some standout blog love submissions.

GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED view winners here

38 Responses to I LOVE YOUR BLOG – Summer Giveaway!

  1. Simone says:

    Blogs I LOVE… so many. Too Many. My top three KMB blogs??

    PailseyJade is just beautiful. her blog is fun AND inspirational. Plus I have since met PJ and she is a real-life sweetheart. Love her.
    And Widge (Surviving and Enjoying Life’s Mundane)is too cool and funny for words. PLUS since being her #1 fan for years, I got to have her STAY at my HOUSE for a weekend! Oh man. It ws fun hanging out with her.
    Then there’s my lovely RL friend Gail, my number one blogging inspiration.
    She is one of my favourite people in all the world, and she keeps me laughing, challenges me and I just love the way her mind works.
    That’s my top three. there are more. But for now, just THREE.

    • faerysarah - KMB says:

      Thanks Simone, it’s tough to narrow your favourites down but you’ve done a great job! thanks for your entry!

  2. faerysarah - KMB says:

    Miri from MakeIt GiveIT just sent me two wonderful shout outs:

    To Widgetlucy (http://widgetlucy.blogspot.com) – for being a woman unafraid to photograph her own underwear lying about on the ground at her place and confessing she had her kids off school thinking they had chicken pox when they actually had fleas. Reading her blog is one of those moments in a day when you laugh out loud at the predicaments of your own life captured with light hearted honesty and a dollop of self-deprecating hilariousness. I love her blog, her style of writing and her take on life.

    To Deb at Works in Progress (http://deb-robertson.blogspot.com/) – I am absolutely in awe of this crazy-creative woman. Deb is always onto some new and inspiring project. She is incredibly generous with so many things. She is one of those bloggers who makes you want to get involved with her causes and her ideas. I know every day I’ll find some beautiful thing or inspiration at Deb’s blog.

    Thanks Miri!

  3. PaisleyJade says:

    How many are we allowed to nominate? It’s too hard! haha

    Simone from Greatfun4kids is one of my favourite Kiwi Mummy Bloggers http://greatfun4kids.blogspot.com/ She is real (honesty is just what we mums need), fun, super dooper creative with her party and family fun ideas.

    Widge (http://widgetlucy.blogspot.com) is another blogger I love – her blogs are real (and often funny) and once again remind me that it’s okay to find this motherhood journey hard at times – and laugh while living it.

    Just one more okay..

    faerysarah from BobbyRobin (http://www.bobbyrobin.co.nz/) for her crafty creations and amazing photography and design – she’s super funky and I always check her blog out!

    Not sure if I can enter you Sarah – but I just couldn’t leave you out of my fav bloggers list!!

  4. Okay, I have come across so many wonderful, inspirational blogs through KMB so first up I must say a huge, ‘Thank you!’ to Sarah for setting it up.

    Here’s a few fabulous blogs that come to mind for now (I know I’ll be back with more, but currently have a baby feeding at my boob whilst I type on my laptop in bed!).

    Greatfun4Kids – http://greatfun4kids.blogspot.com/ – Simone is fabulous at celebrating the fun of family life, but interposed with all the good times and inspiration, is a dapple of grey reality. Personally, when life is tough I don’t feel like blogging and simply go quiet. Occasionally I find it therapeutic to let it all out, but most of the time I find writing about the not so good stuff tends to compound it. However, it is great to read about the tough stuff on other people’s blogs and not feel like ‘I am the only one’. I admire Simone for her ability to express her feelings, on all levels, so creatively in words. It takes great courage and inner strength to share all – so hats off to Simone! Thankfully, Simone’s blog is mostly light and fun (too much of the grey would turn me away). Most of the time I read her posts with a smile on my face at her humour and creativeness with the camera. All the best Simone, you rock! x

    Juggling Motherhood – http://jugglingmotherhood.com/ – Meeks is a great finder of fabulous blogs and websites bringing inspiration to the families. Her ‘5 great finds’ are indeed great! I also love the way she sets herself goals – be it to improve the organisation of her home, get a balance on sleep, taking a reality check on how much TV/computer time her family spend by going cold turkey for a week, taking time out for herself on ‘Discovery Dates’. She is always looking for ways to reinvent the wheel and make it run smoother. She is great at raising her head above the sand and seeking out new and better paths for herself and her family. I love her constant flexibility to keep moving with the times and ensure her family doesn’t get caught in a rut. Thank you Meeks! x

    Moments of Whimsey – http://momentsofwhimsy.wordpress.com/ – Cate is an inspiring women who is celebrating ‘mid life’ and a beacon of light for women ‘on the journey’. She has been home schooling for a number of years and offers great inspiration on this front as well as being a very talented writer and artist. She is witty and thought provoking. I’m loving her new series of guest bloggers on ‘Encouragement for the journey’. I am at the early stage of the parenting journey and making the most of savouring this precious time, but it is wonderful to see women ahead of me on the path so full of inspiration. x

    M.N.M’s – http://meghanandmark.blogspot.com/ – Meghan’s blog is a ray of light. She is a hard working, professional Mum who juggles work and parenthood inspiringly. I have had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Meghan and her lovely family several times and she amazes me in the way she makes every minute of the day count. She doesn’t miss a beat or waste a moment. Recently her photography and writing has gone up a notch and makes me keep coming back for more… and more. She writes with love, passion, faith and humour. Love your blog Meghan! x

    Vegemitevix – http://www.vegemitevix.com/ – Vix is what I would call a ‘professional’ blogger and she really ought to be in print. She is a Kiwi expat, living in the UK, and writes from the heart with great wit, talent and emotion. Whilst juggling work, motherhood and an amazing blog, she is also writing a book – which I can’t WAIT to read. I dream of writing like her when I grow up – but, alas, my dream is more of a pipe-dream. I will be raising my glass to Vix the day she goes into print. She deserves every success. x

    Heart Felt – http://teatodtoad.typepad.com/my_weblog/ – Wow! What a feast for the eyes this blog is! Heart Felt captures the magic of childhood, warms the heart, brings the occasional tear to the eye and makes me want to run in a field of daffodils bare foot! I love escaping to Heart Felt and dipping into a sea of inspirational photography interwoven with the beauty of nature.

    Okay… got to go. Little Miss 4 really should be asleep but wants a hand to hold to nod off to dream-land. Baby Alice is no sleeping peacefully 🙂

  5. Widge says:

    Love all the blogs that have already been nominated! so in addition to them I am choosing this girl


    serious talent over there. Sooooo funny. and wise. pure gold reading. Just wished she posted more often!!

    also have to add in Dee from De construction. never miss a post. ever.

  6. Stella says:

    Definitely Dee! http://dee-construction.blogspot.com/

    I also nominate the lovely Stace of Lil Knight Lights… http://lilknightlights.blogspot.com/

    Two firm favourites of mine…

  7. Meghan says:

    It’s SO hard to choose! But I will try to keep it short(ish!)

    My number one has to be Sarah from Catching the Magic http://chezlee.co.nz. And not just cos she nominated me! If it wasn’t for reading and admiring Sarah’s blog a few years back, I can safely say I wouldn’t even be blogging today. Over the years, her beautiful writing and lovely presentation of photos has inspired me to try out new ideas for my blog. And since their family is always found living life to the fullest, I’ve been inspired to try out new activities around Wellington on seeing how much fun they’ve had all together. I love her way with words, and her ability to capture the essence of their beautiful family living real life.

    In no particular order, my other must-read blog fixes are:

    Simoney at http://greatfun4kids.blogspot.com – her writing makes me laugh, cry, nod my head, shake my head in wonder and that’s just in one post usually!

    Faery Sarah at http://bobbyrobbin.co.nz – so creative and I just had to steal her photoboard idea! Also so honest about being a new mum. I can relate to all her trials and triumphs!

    Amy at http://haven-space.blogspot.com – oh to be able to photograph and write as beautifully and emotively as she does. Her words take me to a whole other level of inspiration of how I could hope to write.

    There are MANY others, and I’ll probably get disqualified if I write them all!

    So just a couple more then:

    Gail from http://delightfullydiva-ish.blogspot.com – challenging me to think about my faith on a really regular basis

    Widge from http://widgetlucy.blogspot.com – so real and honest, I wish I had the courage to be so honest!

    Paisley Jade from http://paisleyjade.com – super crafty, and I just love how much fun this family all have together. Can feel the love jumping off the page in her posts.

    Meeks from http://jugglingmotherhood.com – I second all Sarah’s comments about her 5 Great Finds and how inspirational she is at trying to set new goals and really get the best out of life for her and her family.

    OK I really better stop now 🙂

  8. I’m back to add more (told you I would be!).

    I didn’t want to leave out Sarah at Bobby Robin – http://bobbyrobbin.co.nz – not just because she set up KMB, but because she does have a great blog too! How she manages to keep her personal blog going, run KMB and be such a creative whizz all at the same time I have no idea! Respect! Love her idea of a creation a week – and there have been some incredible creations (the self made turtle cookie cutter has to take the biscuit!).

    I’d also like to say how much I enjoy reading Widge’s blog too – http://widgetlucy.blogspot.com – and as all the other commentators have said, she is incredibly honest. I find it refreshing to read, but difficult to write the ‘tough’ stuff. Personally, I find if I write about the positive things happening in my life, then there tends to be many more of them happening in my life – a self-perpetuating cycle. As well as being very honest, Widge also has great humour and is very original in her writing style. She comes up with some very unique posts and sometimes hilarious images.

    Finally, Paisley Jade from http://paisleyjade.com – I am not a ‘crafty’ person but admire people that are. What I love most about her blog is her fun family posts – they really do know how to have fun and are very inspiring with their ‘family fun nights’. It’s great to see a family focusing on the most precious thing of all – spending time together. Our children need our time more than anything else and I’m a firm believer that a family that plays together, stays strong together.

    Right, that’ll do for now!

    I love that this isn’t a ‘competition’ or a ‘popularity contest’. It’s so nice to simply say nice things about people’s blogs that have brought a smile to my life this year (especially since I haven’t been out at night in 8 month’s and there’s not much on T.V.!!!).

  9. faerysarah - KMB says:

    you girls are so nice, thanks for all your comments about my own blog. I can’t pull my own name out of a hat for a prize though unfortunately!!!

  10. Belinda says:

    Hi all 🙂

    I would like to vote for Ange from http://strikingkeys.blogspot.com – for always making me laugh and her amazing way with words.

    And also Dee from http://booksandbitsandpieces.blogspot.com – for her awesome crafty ideas and beautiful photography.

    Thanks! Belinda xo

  11. Kate says:

    My favourite nz blogger is the lovely Alice from crochet with raymond. Her generous sharing of beautiful patterns, adorable musings and photos of her cat just delight me everytime I visit. She’s a mummy to a furry baby and thats good enough for me to consider her worthy of inclusion here, xoKate

  12. Kelly says:

    There are so many blogs I love to read but I’m going to list a few must reads (the ones that I hate to skip posts) Most of them have been named already

    http://bobbyrobbin.co.nz – now I know you can’t pull your own name out BUT I love your craft posts and your style

    http://greatfun4kids.blogspot.com – Simoney, I think, is one of those people who are there to inspire you to be the best you can be. She’s real, she has her ups and downs, and isn’t afraid to share them. When I’m feeling low I head over to her blog then come away smiling and thinking it ain’t all that bad afterall.

    http://lilmagoolie.com/ – don’t we all love her little snippets?

    I will be back with more soon 🙂

  13. Christine says:

    This is a hard one.. there are so many awesome blogs at KMB! But since I’m not allowed to list all of them, here are some of the ones I read daily:

    Kelly from http://elijahsmum.blogspot.com/ I like the little bits of life she shares 🙂

    Genevieve from http://www.paws-purls.blogspot.com/ She is so honest and open about her life!

    and Meeks from http://jugglingmotherhood.com I like how much effort she puts into her post, I look forward to her 5 Great Finds each week.

  14. Genevieve says:

    Wow, I’m feeling quite flustered and flattered at being nominated – thank you Christine!

    I agree there are so many awesome blogs.

    I often enjoying catching up with

    Sam at http://samssnips.blogspot.com/ another fellow crafter.

    I’vediscovered Christine at http://www.meinasnap.com/

    I also love other fellow crafter Hannah from http://rainbowchildcraft.blogspot.com/

    Gosh I’m sure I could add more!!

  15. Norelle says:

    Belly Beyond Blog – I just Love Belly Beyond, and The ladies have been just SOO SOO helpful to me since the arrival of Miss 2yrs. Helping with Breastpumps and jewellery selections (and returns!) FOllowing thier blogs and useful tips and info is just the icing on the cake!!! LOVe lOVe LOve them!

  16. stace says:

    Hanna from http://craftykin.blogspot.com/,she is total inspiration when it come’s to sewing for her kidlings and always share’s tutorials with us all!! and devine but easy recipes!!

    Stella over at http://verydarkhorse.blogspot.com/ i totally love Stella’s honesty,and her The Jane Austen Project: Becoming Accomplished is so hilarious&inspirational!!

  17. Jenn says:

    I really enjoy http://livingvicariouslythroughyou.blogspot.com/

    cos she’s so honest and her writing style cracks me up.

  18. Kelly says:

    I have a few more I’d like to add – I often refer to these blogs when I’m in a baking mood knowing that they contain great recipes

    Back to Basics http://selsspace.blogspot.com/ – Selina has some really yummy recipes that she has gathered from friends and family. If you get the chance pop over and visit her Morganisn’s tab – you will laugh!

    Delissimon http://delissimon.blogspot.com/ – mmm! If you’re ever planning a morning tea and don’t know what to bake your guests then check out Mon’s blog because there are some really delectable treats there!

    Renee (http://nays-place.blogspot.com/) has a long running blog with recipes for food and household cleaners, a record of her gorgeous wee one growing up and she sews and builds stuff too!

  19. AImee says:

    I absolutely love Lil Magoolie, she is the first to know about the coolest new stuff coming into New Zealand or has the coolest free downloadables.

    But I also love A Little Vintage, Mousehouse(Domestic Bliss), Vintage Mum/Modern Child, and Cotton Kiwi with all their inspirational crafty goodness. Well done ladies!!

  20. I’m loving Annanonymous, The End is Naenae. Not sure if she’s a KMB yet, but she should be!!! Short and sweet for Big Family Mums who very rarely get time on the computer!

  21. nicole wood says:

    I love Lil Magoolie, especially her xmas giveaways.

  22. donna says:

    i love this one
    ived enjoyed everything Pinkie writes its always so heart touching


  23. Bronwyn says:

    I have a lot of blogs I visit regularly, but the ones I love most of all are:

    Renee from Nay’s Place (http://nays-place.blogspot.com/) – I’ve known Renee for many, many years, but haven’t seen her for many, many years! Our kids are just 2 days apart, so I love hearing how her wee girl’s growing up.

    Kelly from Vintage Mum, modern Child (http://elijahsmum.blogspot.com/) – Kelly just has so many fantastic projects that she works on, and I’m always amazed with the stuff she comes up with!

  24. FaerySarah - KMB says:

    I know this is kinda random since it is totally wrong for me to enter this giveaway.. but I thought I’d at least list some of my favourite reads so that they are in the draw (obviously I’m not… have i made myself clear? haha!)

    Being so busy with KMB means I don’t get to read many blogs anymore. It sux actually! But when I do get a moment, these are my favs. I’m sorry if I don’t read yours – there are over 250 on here now so hard to keep track!

    http://www.paisleyjade.com/ always warms my heart with her family stuff. I secretly want to be her.

    I also want to be Angela: http://strikingkeys.blogspot.com/ she has me in stitches and I want her adorable and well behaved child + I’ll have her kitchen too…. and her sister.

    I LOVE http://hazelnutgirl.blogspot.com/ but haven’t had much time to visit lately, she is so talented at sewing and creating stuff. its amazing!

    I like keeping in the loop with what’s going on in Christine’s world over on http://www.meinasnap.com/ mainly because we used to be neighbours and her husband developed this site (teehee) AND she’s cool.

    I’m obsessed with http://dee-construction.blogspot.com/ and how she makes such awesome stuff with so many ankle biters. Still can’t fathom it all… or the home births…

    Ok, I could go forever, I have so many, but I’ll just add 3 more:

    http://greenvalleycrafts.blogspot.com/ – I just love this blog! And love that she helped start Wardrobe Wednesdays and inspired me to start wearing dresses!

    http://growingkiwis.blogspot.com/ 10 points for eye candy on this one!

    and of course http://www.greatfun4kidsblog.com/ just cos.

    OK ok, one more. This one is a vote for the Blogger herself, she keeps my posts going, she’s always encouraging and leaving little bits of kindness on my own posts. I see her commenting on others posts and leaving her mark on others blogs, shining her little light 🙂 You’d know her as Jen from http://snapshots2010.blogspot.com/.

    Can I add 245 more? can I?

    Good luck ladies!

  25. Sarah says:

    Full credit to http://www.meinasnap.com ….it was through reading this blog that I stumbled upon the whole KMB thing, which I think is great!

  26. Bonnie says:

    My fave is definitely http://livingvicariouslythroughyou.blogspot.com/ – she tells it like it is which always makes me feel like less of a crap mum to know there is someone else out there doing an amazing and honest job even through all the hard bits. I just wish I could make the hard bits seem as funny as she does!
    Disclaimer: she is my little sister so I am biased, but she truly is inspiring and helps me every day even though she lives so far away.

  27. Carla Krantz says:

    where do i start, i have so many faves, it takes me ages to read blogs sometimes i just want to get all the goodness and ideas!

    my fave though, at the moment is Cate of http://www.momentsofwhimsy.com/ she is such a sweetheart to talk to and so real and has a beautiful giving nature and soul

  28. Sara says:

    One of my all time favourite blogs is Lil’ Magoolie. I love the layout, the fabulous pictures, and all the unique and interesting finds that are showcased. It’s such a fun and colourful blog, it always makes me feel happy when I read it 🙂

  29. Sara says:

    I love Cate Owens blog because she is funny, wise, inspiring and real!


  30. Sara says:

    And this is another awesome blog, I love this gals sense of humour!!


  31. Kelly says:

    can I add another blog???

    mums notebook (http://mumsnotebook.blogspot.com/) I love Nikki’s blog and it’s one I never fail to open while skimming over posts in reader. I get a real sense of calm when I visit her blog even when they are going through a rough time (like just recently)

  32. Miriam says:

    Can I add in paisley jade not only for her awesome posts and great ideas but I also I constantly see her levaing REALLY encouraging comments on everyone elses blogs and I think that has to be worth a shout out!

  33. Sara says:

    Thanks to your blog I have just discovered Kidsclick! As a photography mad Mum with a photography mad son I am thrilled to find this site! My 9 year old son has just submitted a photo to the Christmas competition.

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