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On Toddlers and their Listening skills

Toddler Talk NZ tips and strategies from Liz Donnelly on how to help your toddler begin to build good listening skills. Continue reading

Sing. Show stolen by world’s cutest squids.

Sing has huge shoes to fill after The Secret Life of Pets, the brilliant Despicable Me (1&2), The Lorax, Hop and Minions. The same core creative team has worked on all of these films… Continue reading

Trolls. Taking back the word ‘troll’.

Enjoy this movie with the kids on the big screen. Trolls is a big bright singing dancing story that is a heap of fun to watch. Its nothing like the trolls that roam the internet. Continue reading

Eardrops in Te Reo Maori thanks to AMP NZ!

This week I received the honour of an AMP Scholarship award! I am beyond excited. I intend to use the funds to produce the Eardrops stories in Te Reo Maori. (All about Eardrops over here – www.eardrops.co.nz) This is something I have wanted to do for a very long time and I am overjoyed and humbled that […] Continue reading

Llook out its a Llocal writer …

Llook out its a Llocal writer … I’m in the Llocal rag! PLUS a Gary Larson cartoon.
Llove Lliz. Continue reading

David Brent: Life on the Road. Laugh? Cry? Maybe both?

Movie buddy reckons David Brent is like a modern day Benny Hill character – horrendous and hilarious at the same time. A cringey, funny movie. Continue reading

Gratitude from one parent to another

When you bought that story I wrote did you know you made a statement that you believe in the power of education to shape a person’s future? You made an investment in your child’s learning. Thank you. Continue reading

Kubo and the Two Strings. STUNNING.

Simply stunning movie … there is much to cheer the jaded mother sick of swatting away the sea of pink and princesses that society surrounds her daughters with. Continue reading

Champers alright for you? Absolutely Fabulous The Movie darlings

I did wonder as a long time viewer first time critic how Jennifer Saunders was going to approach the characters, seeing as it has been 25 years since the TV series was originally created. (25 years really? Yes. I still have it on VHS sweeties). Continue reading

Love & Friendship; yes mean girls existed in the 1700s

…as was the fashion back in the 1790s where manners reigned supreme and words a mere foil to appear proper in society, no matter how much of a pretty vamp you were. Continue reading

Why I think parenting should be a valued professional career path with a really really good salary.

What if a person could work hard at university, get a degree in Parenting, and be able to earn a wage from doing their job as a parent?
How would this work? What would change in our society if we had this choice? Would we stop saying I’m ‘just a Mum’ o… Continue reading

RAMS: Icelandic knitwear envy

RAMS is a beautifully shot story about 2 brothers raising sheep in an isolated Icelandic village. Movie buddy and I became victims of extreme jumper envy… Continue reading

Finding Dory, Falling for Hank

“Funny, poignant, and thought-provoking, Finding Dory delivers a beautifully animated adventure that adds another entertaining chapter to its predecessor’s classic story” Rotten Tomatoes 95% For the record, I’m going to assume we’ve all seen Disney/Pixar’s 2003 smash hit Finding Nemo – only THE most successful animated film of all time, winning almost every award possible in 2004, including an Academy Award for […] Continue reading

magic magic: Now You See Me 2

Teenage movie buddy and I were treated to Now You See Me 2 a couple of weeks back. We don’t cross genres that often these days so it was somewhat exciting to both be looking forward to the same movie… Continue reading

am i experienced yet?

I was reinvented overnight. What was this? This world with something so precious, where you are so physically fragile, your heart lives outside your body, where everyone else’s children capture your heart too, where tears are always so close to the sur… Continue reading